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Application areas

Semiconductor Semiconductor
Motion systems Motion systems
Medical Medical
Industrial Industrial
Power conversions Power conversions
Vehicle electrification Vehicle electrification

In-house manufacturing capabilities

We possess complete in-house manufacturing capabilities, covering every step of the process. This includes precise die-attach processes like sintering or wire bonding, as well as broader system capabilities such as milling cooling infrastructures and injection molding housings.

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We offer cutting-edge solutions and products to our customers, excelling in both performance and power density. Consistent with our vertical integration approach, we extend our expertise by providing custom power modules and manufacture designs with in-house testing and qualification.

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Custom integrated​ power modules​

Designed for thermal performance and high power density, meeting lifetime requirements.


We offer custom, cost-effective, and performance-optimized power modules. Our toolbox includes various production technologies, such as vacuum soldering, sintering of dies, and interconnects, to meet individual specifications. Design, qualification, and manufacturing are conducted entirely in-house, adhering to different industry standards. Our custom power modules are produced on start-of-the-art equipement, ensuring stable production parameters and consistent quality. Check here to explore detailed information.


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Advanced packaging for sensors and camera solutions

Solutions tailored for the most challenging integration of semiconductor components. Optimized for performance & cost for series production.

Our design and production capabilities include solutions for the smallest form factors and complex optical assemblies for imaging and photonics systems. These optoelectronic systems require critical assembly steps to achieve maximum optical and electrical performance. We can design sophisticated custom optical components suitable for comprehensive illuminators with specific beam shaping capabilities or for applications requiring high-resolution, color-accurate lens assemblies for imagers. Discover more information here.

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