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功率变换是半导体工业高精度制造设备的重要使能技术。在产品线'Litho Power Systems'中,浦卓科技开发和生产千瓦功率范围内的电源和放大器,具有非常高的精度和稳定性,从而实现皮米(10-12米)的定位精度。制造设备的复杂性不断增加,不仅需要更多性能更好的电源和放大器,而且需要更小的占地面积和更高的可靠性。

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| 电气工程师

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| 电气工程师

My day starts with a nice, early bike ride to the headquarters of Prodrive Technologies. This way I’m fresh and focused when arriving at work. I like to start early because my productivity is the highest in the morning. After enjoying my first cup of tea and updating my mailbox, I have my first meeting.

During this meeting the status of the high linearity amplifier is discussed, which was delivered to the customer last week. After the meeting I continue making simulations for a DCDC converter, which will be part of a power cabinet we are developing with a big project team for a high demanding customer. In my role as architect of the DCDC converter, I’m technically responsible for the performance and quality of the final product. I have the overview over the different disciplines, such as electronics, mechanics, software and magnetics. Also, I have technical discussions with our customers to align the specifications. With the other architects within the project I align on generic parts.

At noon colleagues pass by my office to ask if I’m already hungry and if I want to join for lunch with them. After a nice lunch, provided by our kitchen staff, we enjoy a short, sunny walk around the science park.

When coming back from the walk I go to the laboratory. Together with a colleague we are performing linearity measurements on a lab setup. The improvements that were made in firmware need to be verified.

When all tests are successfully executed, I pick up my sport clothing at my office and head for the Prodrive Technologies gym. Here I join the afternoon bootcamp session given by our personal trainer. After the exciting workout I take a shower and bike home.  

We can only make outstanding power electronics solutions with the best people and equipment

Electrical engineer profile

  • 电子工程、应用物理或相关技术教育的理学学士、工学学士、理学硕士或博士学位

Pros and cons

  • Flexible working hours

  • Being able to follow your own passion

  • Availability of sporting facilities on the grounds

  • Cozy offices with an open door policy

  • Some lunch salads contain fish



You don’t just go to work, you feel responsible for your project


You decide when, where and how much you want to work


You like to think about manufacturability when designing


You don’t sit and wait, you have a hands-on mentality

Have you got what it takes to become a Prodriver?


  • Perfect environment for people willing to take full responsibility in a project
  • Unlimited growth opportunities and freedom in taking different roles in different projects
  • Young and dynamic culture
  • Unlimited personal budget for training courses, classes or studies
  • We keep management positions to a minimum, so there is virtually no hierarchy
  • We are open 24/7 and provide lunch, dinner and a company gym
  • Create your future with your own personal development plan
  • Tools and equipment such as an iPhone, iPad and laptop
  • The flexibility to work wherever and how much you want
  • Salary that grows with your performance
  • Opportunity to become a shareholder and entrepreneur in the company
  • Travel allowance based on the days you are actually at Prodrive
  • Distribution of profits


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