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Hello you! My name is Thomas, and I am working in the software department of Prodrive Technologies. About nine years ago I did a brief internship in automated visual inspection and had a great first impression of the company. After graduating at another company, I decided to follow up on that first impression, and now I have the opportunity to lead the field of automated visual inspection in combination with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Like to know more about how I can be of impact within the company? Find out below!

Thomas Woudsma 0178


Thomas Woudsma 0178


Never a dull moment
Currently, I am involved in different projects within the software department and my roles vary depending on the project. On the one hand, I can be a software developer who creates small pieces of software for a larger system. On the other hand, as a system architect, it is my responsibility to continuously review our AI systems and determine where improvements can be made, and how we can add new features and improvements. Besides that, I am a competence owner of AI and machine learning which means that I focus on sharing corresponding knowledge, setting up workshops and training courses, and examining the scope of AI and machine learning within the organization. So, guess what? Every day is different and I never get bored at Prodrive Technologies.

Automated visual inspection: right or wrong?
I continue to dive into automated visual inspection. At the moment, many inspections are done manually by our technicians. They check if every component is present on the product and properly placed. Since this process costs time and manpower and is susceptible to human mistakes, we are looking into the possibility of automating more by adding cameras to the factory that take over these visual inspections. We have currently implemented cameras for the inspection of high volumes. With machine learning, a model is trained by processing a lot of data, which ultimately enables the model to label a product as right or wrong. But how can we manage and store all the data? And what to do when the environment of the cameras changes resulting in different images? To address these uses, a new project was born – Prodrive AI Framework.

The Prodrive AI Framework is a software platform to store all data including model training guidelines and facilitates the required capacity for the ML applications. Since the need for automation is increasing, at length we aim to “democratize AI”. In other words, every Prodriver should be able to train, deploy and monitor models, regardless of their competencies, so people can do much more in less time. This framework is a “backbone” and empowers Prodrive Technologies to efficiently achieve its growth targets and serve customers faster with our meaningful technologies while still meeting its high-quality standards. I am very proud that I can make an impact by optimizing our processes with AI even more, not only for visual inspection in production but maybe in the future also using sales or corporate data. I am convinced that this framework enables Prodrive Technologies to go next level.

Freedom, flexibility, growth
Prodrive Technologies is a dynamic workplace where you get a lot of freedom and flexibility. I experience this every day in the different roles that I perform. You are entitled to have a vision, share that vision, and put your ideas into practice. Due to our rapid growth, I see lots of opportunities to optimize our processes. There is much knowledge within the company, but there is still some progress to be made by centralizing and aligning all this information to eventually improve our internal processes. The sky’s the limit and I am far from done here!

To the new Prodriver…
Every Prodriver should be up for a challenge. We have plenty of opportunities and ask you how to handle them in which you get a lot of freedom to come up with a plan or solution. If you are driven and 100% committed to the company, you can come a long way as a Prodriver…

Are you driven and ready to make an impact? Apply now!

Every Prodriver should be able to train, deploy and monitor models, regardless of their competencies, so people can do much more in less time

Pros and cons

  • Very versatile work from requirements to implementation and qualification

  • Opportunity to apply bleeding edge technology into practice

  • Flexible working hours and environment

  • Never a dull moment – new challenges are just around the corner

The Prodrive Technologies Mindset


You don’t just go to work, you feel responsible for your project


You decide when, where and how much you want to work


You like to think about manufacturability when designing


You don’t sit and wait, you have a hands-on mentality

Have you got what it takes to become a Prodriver?

What we offer

  • Perfect environment for people willing to take full responsibility in a project
  • Unlimited growth opportunities and freedom in taking different roles in different projects
  • Young and dynamic culture
  • Unlimited personal budget for training courses, classes or studies
  • We are open 24/7 and provide lunch, dinner and a company gym
  • We keep management positions to a minimum, so there is virtually no hierarchy
  • Create your future with your own personal development plan
  • Tools and equipment such as an iPhone, and laptop
  • On campus sports facilities
  • Salary that grows with your performance
  • Opportunity to become a shareholder and entrepreneur in the company
  • Travel allowance based on the days you are actually at Prodrive
  • 33 vacation days
  • Retirement plan
  • Distribution of profits

Application steps

  1. We’ll take a look at your application within 5 working days.
  2. You will receive a link to Prodrive Technologies’ online aptitude test to see if you’re up for the challenge.
  3. We will set you up for a personal interview to ask you difficult questions about yourself. Afterwards, others will ask you some more difficult questions about your expertise.
  4. If we want to make you an offer and there's enough time left, we will discuss employment conditions directly after the interviews.
  5. If you survived everything, only your signature stands between you and being a Prodriver.