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Global category management

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As a Category Manager you are responsible for sourcing highly complex and innovative technologies for cutting-edge projects. This is done while minimizing risk on commercial, technological and logistical level. Per Category you are managing relationships with vendors and manufacturers while capturing cost reductions and continuously developing and executing the category strategy.

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Daakui 6104



It is difficult to describe a typical day as Global Category Manager at Prodrive because every day is different with different challenges and opportunities. What I can say is that my day starts with a cup of coffee.

When I started my career at Prodrive I was still a student finishing my master and at the same time working for a young and dynamic company. How many students can say that they have been doing negotiations of millions of euro’s while still finishing their master's thesis. I think that exactly defines the mentality and work ethics of Prodrive. You get a chance to take a deep dive and take responsibility over your own portfolio of suppliers.

After finishing my workday, it is so nice that Prodrive provides the facilities to do fitness. After and sometimes during work, I go to the gym for one hour to clear my head and be ready for the next opportunities that lie ahead.

How many students can say that they have been doing negotiations of millions of euro’s while still finishing their master's thesis.

Pros and cons

  • Attractive fringe benefits

  • Dynamic company

  • Young and passionate team members

  • Freedom to set your own strategy for your category

  • A lot for responsibility goes hand in hand with more working hours

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As the current process representative for the US supply chain, my story is a unique one. I began my Prodrive Technologies career as our first ever marketing employee, and I quickly helped to establish outbound marketing activities. However, as the 2nd US employee in such a new venture, the need arose for someone to establish our local supply chain. With a strong background of business acumen and a vision for the tremendous opportunity that is Prodrive Technologies’ US headquarters, I happily took the opportunity. Now, I primarily spend each day taking another step to building and fortifying our supply chain.

My workdays typically start with alignment calls between myself and the various global category managers in the Netherlands. This allows us to align the global supply chain strategy as I work to develop our supply base in the US. Once we have defined the respective strategies, I then work with our US suppliers to source the product components for our production orders and source the ancillary materials we need to establish and run our US facility. This involves evaluating potential suppliers, negotiating pricing, managing lead times, and developing existing supplier relationships. I also work with our planning team to receive customer orders and create and adjust corresponding production orders. This all cumulates into my continuous support of the newly established US headquarters. The strong culture and workplace environment here is something that truly motivates me and creates a very rewarding and ultimately fun place to work.

Being responsible for managing the US supply chain at just 23 years old is an incredibly rewarding experience

Pros and cons

  • Incredible responsibilities and experience hard to find elsewhere

  • Startup nature of the US facility creates a great working environment

  • Freedom to define my own strategy

  • Overtime compensation - The harder you work, the more you earn

  • Startup nature requires much more time commitment than other jobs

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In my role as Global Category Manager I am responsible for the partnerships with Digital and Analog silicon manufacturers. These are large companies, so the challenge is to find the right ingredients to build a strong collaboration, which is needed to beat the strong competition we face in the different markets we are in. “Purchasing starts with Selling”: To get the right level of support and conditions for Prodrive, silicon manufacturers need to understand who we are as Prodrive and what our potential is. I can use 20 years of experience at Prodrive to finetune the message on our potential on Technology and Innovation, Competitiveness, Production Automation, and more.


A significant amount of my time is working together with our internal Product Programs and Development Teams. We will define the requirements and needs, and take this to the silicon-manufacturers to choose and negotiate the right components for our developments. I will use these choices to gradually grow the business with the right partners. Prodrive is giving me a responsibility and freedom to operate, which creates a challenging and motivating environment for me to work in. Due to the growing and dynamic nature of our company, my work remains interesting and rewarding.

Purchasing starts with Selling

Pros and cons

  • Strong collaboration with our internal Product Programs and Development Teams

  • Growing and dynamic nature of our company

  • Responsibly and freedom to operate

  • Challenging and motivating environment to work in

  • Time management is a challenge in such a hard growing company




I like to start my days early with a hot cup of tea. In the morning, I go through my mailbox, release the orders from the day before and prioritize my work for the day. My schedule is very dynamic. Some days it is filled with conference calls and meetings and other days I mostly work at my desk.

When I have meetings. I prepare them before-hand and align with my colleagues when needed. Manufacturers often visit to promote their portfolio, discuss ongoing projects, discuss contracting agreements, negotiate on component packages, etc.

Prodrive Technologies aims to make their own power modules, where I am responsible for sourcing the bare dies. Together with the design team, I often have technical meetings with different manufacturers who can provide these dies to us, as well as manufacturers who can provide more knowledge about the processes of sintering, wire bonding, qualification, etc.

On other days, I am in my office following up on emails, placing orders, going through the missing parts lists or preparing RFQs for project proposals. Meanwhile, I try to improve my Dutch by practicing with my colleagues.

Before closing my laptop, I go through my to-do list and check what I have done during the day. I like to close off with an hour at the gym or a yoga class and then drive home.

Everyday challenges that lead to personal and professional growth

Pros and cons

  • Flexible working hours

  • Young and dynamic culture

  • All the side benefits (free lunch & dinner, free gym, unlimited budget for studies or courses, managing your own pension etc.)

  • Office with lake view, where you can also enjoy an after lunch walk

The Prodrive Technologies Mindset


You don’t just go to work, you feel responsible for your project


You decide when, where and how much you want to work


You like to think about manufacturability when designing


You don’t sit and wait, you have a hands-on mentality

Have you got what it takes to become a Prodriver?

What we offer

  • Perfect environment for those eager to develop themselves and take full responsibility for a project.
  • Many opportunities for personal and professional development, along with the flexibility to explore diverse roles across various projects.
  • A young and dynamic culture which stimulates innovative thinking and taking initiatives.
  • Personal budget just for you to learn new things. Your growth is our priority.
  • Flexibility of a 24/7 work environment with provided lunch, dinner, and access to our company gym.
  • Personalized development plan to craft your future.
  • You will receive essential tools if these are necessary to perform your job (i.e. iPhone and laptop).
  • On-campus sports facilities enable you to incorporate exercise seamlessly into your work routine.
  • A performance-driven salary that grows with your accomplishments.
  • Unlock the opportunity to become a shareholder and entrepreneur within the company.
  • Travel allowance based on the days you are actually at Prodrive Technologies.
  • Work-life balance with at least 33 vacation days per year.
  • Access a retirement plan.

Application steps

  1. Your journey with us starts with a swift review of your application by one of our recruiters.
  2. In some cases, if we see a potential fit, you will receive an exclusive link to our online aptitude test to assess if you’re up for the challenge.
  3. We will schedule a personal interview not only to determine if your skills match the job, but also to see if there is a spark between you and Prodrive Technologies.
  4. To complete the application journey we will send you a suitable offer and once you sign, we can welcome you to the Prodrive Technologies family.