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Chiron Series

Chiron iron core linear motors – compact with high force density

Iron core linear motors have a laminated iron core holding stationary coils, and a magnetic track that drives the load. Force is proportional to current, and force density is high because the iron core strongly concentrates the magnetic field.

Our Chiron iron core linear motors have excellent force density. There are 12 versions, with the largest producing a peak thrust force of up to 4900 N with an excellent motor constant of 5300 N2/W from a 130-mm deep motor. Maximum speed is up to 10 m/s depending on the motor version.

The magnets are skewed and the end teeth inside the coil units are optimized for minimum force ripple across a wide range of motor sizes and forces. The long stroke depends only on the length of the track.

Chiron motors are IP69K dustproof and waterproof. Four different winding configurations match current and velocity requirements. Different heights, widths, and depths match the motor to the application. The aluminum housing minimizes the thermal resistance from coils to the mechanical interface. There’s an optional PTC thermistor for thermal protection and PT1000 for temperature sensing. In addition, the cable length and connector can be customized.

They work seamlessly with our servo drives and motion controllers, and our Prodrive Motion Platform (PMP) control software.

They give:

  • High precision and accuracy for moving machine tools like CNC machine cutting tools and 3D print heads.
  • High speeds and accelerations for a maximum throughput of pick & place tools.
  • Fast motion for high-speed print heads and plotting arms across paper or other media.
  • Smooth and controlled movements of patient tables and other components of medical devices like MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanners.


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