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Poseidon CFL Series

Poseidon CFL motion controllers control up to 28 axes at 20 kHz

High-end semiconductor manufacturing can require high throughput while processing and measuring 300-mm wafers. Such high-performance applications need separate motion controllers and servo drives for fast and precise motion control.

The Poseidon CFL motion controllers use Intel® Coffee Lake processor to handle up to 28 high-speed synchronized axes at 20kHz or up to 70 axes at 10kHz. A 4-, 6- or 8-core x86 processor can perform synchronized control of up to 15 EtherCAT® buses for centralized, distributed, or hybrid networking. Individual buses can control separate parts of a single machine or allow low-latency control of individual EtherCAT SubDevices.

Centralized motion control

In centralized motion control systems, the controller unit receives all sensor information of the entire system, compares the measured data with the target positions, and generates the new setpoints for all connected EtherCAT SubDevices. It is ideal for the highest-performance motion control in Semiconductor, Flat-Panel-Display (FPD) manufacturing, and Advanced Packaging. The Poseidon CFL motion controllers can perform multi-axis positioning in semiconductor XYZ stage control, and inverse kinematics with up to 4th-order motion profiles to generate the best trajectory for each axis.

There are 1U or 3U 19-inch rack versions. Lifecycle support is 7+ years.

MATLAB® and Simulink® integration

The controllers can be programmed and tuned to the application using our advanced PMP (Prodrive Motion Platform) software. PMP is used by many players in the motion industry. It offers true real-time performance and tooling, and the flexibility to modify any control loop to your application needs. The MATLAB® and Simulink® integration tools allow the designing and implementation of any custom control algorithm.


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