Make impact in an international work culture while
developing yourself and inventing for a living.


Make impact in an international work culture while
developing yourself and inventing for a living.

Make impact

At Prodrive we create technologies that have an impact. With the work that you perform, you directly contribute to this impact on a daily basis. Also within the company: you are there to make an impact. From the start you as an employee are given responsibilties, allowing you to really make the difference.


Prodrive Technologies is a global company with offices in seven countries and our employees are from different nationalities all over the world.

Work culture

The work culture is unique. We are one big team, with one mission. No matter whether you are a junior, medior or senior, you are part of the Prodrive family and equally important to the team.

Develop yourself

At Prodrive Technologies we offer a lot of different ways to grow throughout your career.

Invent for a living

Invent for a living is at the heart of what we do. Doesn’t that sound appealing to you?

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Realising the hidden things that make the world work.

Browse through the work that makes us proud.

Automated Guided Vehicle

Realizing our automation dream

At Prodrive Technologies we believe in automation, automation of everything. Not only for our customers, but also for our own manufacturing facilities. The Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is an important project in realizing our automation dream; it is the missing link between all other automated processes.

This versatile vehicle is able to automatically transport payloads from a given origin to a destination. The AGV is able to do this efficiently in diverse and changing environments. Using multiple AGVs together in one environment imposes extra challenges, which are solved by our Fleet Management System.

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iOS App Development

Bring information as close to our employees as possible

At Prodrive Technologies , we think that we are the best man for the job. That is why we are developing our own information system. In the iOS app development project we create apps to bring the information as close to our employees as possible.

We have, for example applications to search for employees, register for dinner and track the status of production orders. These apps are all distributed through our own Prodrive App Store.

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Lights Out Factory

Factory of the future

Some people call it Industry 4.0, referring to the 4th industrial revolution. Other people call it the digitalization of manufacturing industry.

No matter which name you use, they all refer to a manufacturing methodology that succeeds the industrial revolution in terms of big data, advanced analytics, and digitalization of machines.

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Experiences from our global community

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Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Roy Willems

“Prodrive Technologies offers a unique combination of working in a high-tech environment with a sense of responsibility. This gives me energy to go to work every day.”

Jeroen Raijmakers

“Working for Prodrive is extraordinary since you get the freedom to realize your own dreams, not just the dreams of your boss. With automation being a core driver of our manufacturing innovations, I’m constantly working with the newest technology and machines.”

Cong Wang

“Compared to other companies, Prodrive focuses significantly on safe and sustainable manufacturing. I was very surprised by the strong culture which makes every single colleague feel valued.”