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7 Reasons to Choose Prodrive Technologies for Motion & Mechatronics

Prodrive Technologies is renowned for its electronic manufacturing and development capabilities. But did you know that there is also an extensive Prodrive Technologies Motion & Mechatronics portfolio of products? From motion control solutions to sub-assemblies for integrated mechatronic systems.

Here are seven reasons why you should choose us as your motion and mechatronics partner.

  1. Decades of experience – Prodrive Technologies is a leader in motion control and mechanics. We’ve been developing and manufacturing these solutions for almost 30 years.
  2. Competitive costs – Our off-the-shelf Motion & Mechatronics products enable businesses to access leading technologies at lower costs. This includes drives and controllers, motors, and actuators. Motion control software is also available.
  3. Customised solutions – Every application is different, so to complement our off-the-shelf range, we can also develop tailored solutions for our customers’ unique needs. This includes integrated mechatronic systems and custom drives and motors.
  4. A unique approach – To make sure we are in full control of quality and performance; we design and manufacture almost every motion and mechatronics product ourselves. With smart automated manufacture and test methods, we can offer high performance, improved reliability, and supply chain agility, all at the best price.
  5. Available worldwide – We know our customers need fast delivery times, reliable supply, and excellent support from our team. Our global manufacturing and sales and support offices deliver all of this to businesses worldwide.
  6. Genuine partnerships – The businesses that we work with – from semiconductor manufacturers to life sciences and technology firms – see us as a partner. That’s because we understand that they need to grow and win market share, and we help them do so by delivering the smart, reliable solutions that are at the core of their systems and processes.
  7. Our people are the best! – Prodrive Technologies has innovation at the heart of its culture. Our team of engineering, manufacturing and development experts are world-class innovators, with the diverse skill sets that enable us to deliver the motion and mechatronic products that our customers rely on.


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