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Frequently Asked Questions

Our multi-axis controllers, Arcas or Posidon, can support up to 12 or 70 synchronized axis respectively.

Our drives can support 2 encoders per axis regardless of the hall sensors to generate optimal control loops.

Our drives are fully compatible with DC brush, brushless, stepper, voice coil and linear motors.

Our drives fully support the common absolute encoders in the market such as SSI, BISS, SIN/COS, and more.

Our engineers will be happy to understand your application’s needs and requirement. After that they are fully capable of designing the system and our production department will take it further to provide you with a Turn-key solution.

We have a very flexible production line that can be adjusted to manufacture almost any motor.

We’ve implemented a special tool in our PMP that allows you to implement the code generated by the Simulink\Matlab inside our controller.

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