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Motion control experts and mechatronics leaders

Prodrive Technologies is where software meets electronics and mechanics. For nearly thirty years we have developed and manufactured a wide range of motion control products and sub-assemblies for integrated mechatronic systems.

Now, for the first time, the Prodrive Technologies Motion & Mechatronics portfolio of products is available to other businesses, so that they too can benefit from our leading technologies. The result? Lower costs, improved reliability, high performance, and supply chain agility.

We manufacture off-the-shelf products, such as drives and controllers, motors, and actuators, as well as developing motion control software. Where required, we can also develop unique, tailored solutions, including integrated mechatronic systems and custom drives and motors.

We are a global business of more than 2200 employees, with manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands, USA and China, and sales and support offices serving Germany, Israel, and Japan. We are committed to ensuring fast delivery times, a secure supply chain, pro-active support, and exceptional value.

Think different. Be different

Headquartered in the high-tech hub of Eindhoven in the Netherlands, our design approach, manufacturing, and testing techniques are different.

Firstly, we design and build nearly everything ourselves. Being in the custom electronics sector we realised very early on that, to be in control of both quality and performance, we needed to make motion control and mechatronics products ourselves. This approach has been deep in our culture from the start.

So, when we need to make something, we think differently. Our smart ways of optimising, integrating and robotising manufacture enables better performance, robust and agile supply, high quality, and reliability, all for the best price.


Almost any electronic device you use has been touched by numerous machines that rely on the motion and mechatronic products built by Prodrive Technologies.

Partnership to fuel growth

We have become a highly valuable partner to customers across the world because our products are at the heart of their systems. Our smart technologies often help them to win market share through increased reliability and performance.

We know that if we make the very best solutions, on time, and at the right price with unmatched support, our customers will succeed in improving their products to help fuel growth.

Semiconductor manufacturers (front and back-end), life sciences, medical and other high technology and industrial businesses now rely on our diverse range of motion and mechatronics products from linear motors, motion controllers, drives, and software, to innovative concepts for rope-less elevators. We can also take full responsibility for the complete mechatronics system, such as a multi-axis gantry stage, or a highly accurate microscope.

Professional and driven people in a culture of innovation

The strength of Prodrive Technologies is in the people that work in the business. We have an extremely diverse and agile engineering, manufacturing, and development force and encourage the team to be innovative professionals thinking outside of the box.

This culture has helped develop a world class team who are given the space to develop diverse skill sets to design and manufacture products that make a difference.

If you would like to join our team, we are always looking for people that have a passion for technology.
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