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Linear Motors

Wide range of high-performance linear motors

When coupled directly to a load, linear motors can give smooth and accurate straight-line motion. They combine high force with high velocity and acceleration. Long travel lengths make them ideal for applications requiring a large stroke. Linear motors are strong enough to drive automotive robots, accurate enough for semiconductor steppers, and fast enough for surface mount device placement and optical focusers.

Our high-quality and high-performance synchronous linear motors have the speeds and accelerations needed for excellent dynamic performance. That is essential for applications like semiconductors and electronics manufacturing systems. With multiple sizes and winding configurations, they can be scaled to match your application and enable a short time to market

The motors are direct drive, so eliminate mechanical transmissions. As a result, they are quiet, making them ideal for medical and industrial applications where noise and vibrations are a concern. They are virtually maintenance-free and can operate for many years without failures. Their motor constant, a major figure of merit that reflects the strength of the motor, can achieve exceptional levels.

Compact and lightweight, they include vacuum compatible types. Winding, assembly, vacuum potting, and magnet gluing ensure constant quality at minimum cost. The motors can be coupled with any type of bearings including roller and air bearings.

We have three series:


For more information about how to select the motor for your specific application, check our linear motor selection blog.

Feature article

We are thrilled to showcase our linear motor capabilities in the April issue of the DSPE magazine Mikroniek. The article includes our comprehensive range of linear motors that enable high force, velocity, and acceleration, tailored for robotics, precision machining, electronics manufacturing, large format printing, and semiconductor needs. Download the article to discover how we create meaningful technologies with cutting-edge linear motor solutions


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