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Phoenix Series

Phoenix ironless linear motors generate high peak forces

Ironless linear motors have a stationary array of magnets that form the magnetic yoke on either side of a movable coil unit that drives the load. They give smooth linear motion with accurate force levels that are proportional to the current, and extremely low force ripple. They have low mass and high acceleration.

The long-stroke Phoenix ironless linear motors can produce up to 8050 N peak force, with 90 individual variants ensuring a perfect application match. They eliminate cogging force to give motion with negligible force ripple for excellent servo performance. Very low stiffness makes performance relatively insensitive to lateral displacements.

The motor constant can reach an exceptional 6850 N2/W. There’s an optional PTC thermistor for thermal protection and PT1000 for temperature sensing. Four winding configurations match current and velocity requirements. The attraction force is also negligible, making installation easier because there’s no magnetic force when the power is off.  

They work seamlessly with our servo drives and motion controllers, and our Prodrive Motion Platform (PMP) control software.

Applications include those needing high precision:

  • Moving wafers and other delicate components for semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Moving glass substrates and other components for flat panel display manufacture.
  • Moving probes and other components for inspection and measurement equipment.
  • Moving components for medical devices like surgical robots and endoscopes.
  • Moving components for laboratory equipment like microscopes and spectrometers.


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