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Apogee & Kepler Series

The Kepler & Apogee drive series consist of intelligent Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) drives for three- and single-phase actuators and offer both single and dual axis drives.

Our Apogee and Kepler drives are designed for demanding applications requiring high linearity and a very low output current ripple. This used to be the exclusive domain of linear amplifiers, but Prodrive Technologies uses its extensive experience in amplifier technology to introduce a PWM drive with negligible switching noise that matches linear drive performance.

All of our drives have an integrated controller which includes our highly flexible Prodrive Motion Platform (PMP).

The PMP tooling ensures fast and effortless commissioning, while offering motion applications a powerful API and real-time control.

  • Ultra-low noise output
  • High output linearity
  • Fully programmable
  • Synchronized motion control (EtherCAT slave or standalone)
  • Dual loop control with incremental, analog, Hall and absolute encoder support
  • Suitable for any motor type (Brushless, Brush, Linear, Stepper, Voice Coil)


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