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Work preparation engineer

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Work preparation engineer

Are you a person who has a hands-on mentality and is very critical towards yourself on how you can optimize your work? To strengthen our company, we are looking for a Work Preparation Engineer with experience in a production environment.

Engineers are responsible for the innovation and developments of new products or services, or a new type of process. Using science, technology, or math to solve assembly problems and design machinery. You will create the work instructions, prepare the tooling, and review the prototypes on manufacturability. As Work Preparation Engineer we are expecting that you set up and maintain a part of the complex assembly flow in the factory for our products.

What are the common responsibilities for your daily routine?

  • Assist in the design and build of tools and equipment
  • Ensure reliable equipment to guarantee the production manufacturing
  • Manage and assign resources as needed within the engineering team
  • Assist with the operation maintenance and repair of equipment
  • Practice and always comply with safety standards
  • Resolve systemic issues providing short, medium, and long-term solutions
  • Assist in the installation, maintenance, and general support of systems
  • Develop strategic plans to provide effective product development
  • Provide support for scoping of work tasks and budgets



  • MBO, BSc or BEng in Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Industrial Engineering or Applied physics or a related technical education

  • Hands-on attitude

  • Analytical skills

  • (Preferably) Working in 2 shifts

  • Good communication skills

  • Authorized to work in the US (for Boston/Canton applications only)

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Some of our projects for Work preparation engineers

The Prodrive Technologies Mindset


You don’t just go to work, you feel responsible for your project


You decide when, where and how much you want to work


You like to think about manufacturability when designing


You don’t sit and wait, you have a hands-on mentality

Have you got what it takes to become a Prodriver?

What we offer

  • Perfect environment for people willing to take full responsibility in a project
  • Unlimited growth opportunities and freedom in taking different roles in different projects
  • Young and dynamic culture
  • Unlimited personal budget for training courses, classes or studies
  • We are open 24/7 and provide lunch, dinner and a company gym
  • We keep management positions to a minimum, so there is virtually no hierarchy
  • Create your future with your own personal development plan
  • Tools and equipment such as an iPhone, and laptop
  • On campus sports facilities
  • Salary that grows with your performance
  • Opportunity to become a shareholder and entrepreneur in the company
  • Travel allowance based on the days you are actually at Prodrive
  • 33 vacation days
  • Retirement plan
  • Distribution of profits

Application steps

  1. We’ll take a look at your application within 5 working days.
  2. You will receive a link to Prodrive Technologies’ online aptitude test to see if you’re up for the challenge.
  3. We will set you up for a personal interview to ask you difficult questions about yourself. Afterwards, others will ask you some more difficult questions about your expertise.
  4. If we want to make you an offer and there's enough time left, we will discuss employment conditions directly after the interviews.
  5. If you survived everything, only your signature stands between you and being a Prodriver.