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Product assembly - the final piece of the jigsaw

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System Assembly - the department where all the components come together and where we assemble the end products, starting from “nothing”. At System Assembly we do not only build, but also test and visually check our products. To perform those tasks, we’re using tools, equipment and work instructions. Sometimes, specific products require additional training. This training is part of the development of a Technician at Prodrive Technologies.

Our long-term goal is to be as efficient and productive as possible with an output of the highest quality available.



| Technician


| Team Leader PCBA


| Support Engineer Machining



| Technician

For me, each day at Prodrive Technologies is different due to the number of competencies I have worked towards. Really, I cannot explain how each day will turn out. One day, I can be mentoring new employees from over the world, the next day, I can be building all sorts of cool products for our customers, the next day, I can be tasked with helping to create a new process in order ensure the business is running efficiently and my colleagues are happy with this.

The flexibility of my working week is great, I know what to expect: the unexpected. I enjoy going to work with the knowledge that, the likelihood, I’ll be doing something different to what I did the day before. For example, building a different product from the day before, or mentoring to a new employee.

Out with our general tasks, we are responsible as technicians to ensure the highest quality product always reaches our customers, meaning if we find an issue, we fix the issue. If we have any doubts, we turn those doubts around by contacting the right person or escalating it correctly as per our processes. I take pride in what I do, Prodrive Technologies take pride in what they do, it’s a nice match. Prodrive Technologies will care about you, if you care about them.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Technician profile

  • Passionate about technology; we do not require technical background/experience.​

  • Responsible for your tasks and take initiative.​

  • Ambitious and want to learn.​

  • Detail-oriented and result-driven.​

  • Hands-on mentality​.

  • Good communication in English.

  • Want to work in 2 shifts weekly schedule: Morning shift 06:00 - 14:30​/ Afternoon shift 14:30 – 23:30, on Fridays 14:30 – 21:00.

Pros and cons

  • I’m well fed, saving on money and no more McDonalds!

  • I meet people from all over the world

  • It’s cool to be a geek

  • I have got iPhone and an iPad

  • Early finish on a Friday!

  • Being Scottish – this proves difficult when communicating, I’m sorry!



| Team Leader PCBA

The tasks of a Team Leader are very versatile. I’m responsible for the proper execution of production orders and the quality of our manufacturing output for the System Assembly department.

It’s about keeping the production going by escalating all the issues on the floor, focusing on improvements to make our process better and realizing our motto “quality above quantity”. Continuous improvements are key in our factory and everyone that is working here has the possibility to give input for those improvements.

We are in contact with different people within the company: other Team Leaders (from other departments), Human Resource (for capacity, contracts etc.), Planners, Process owners and Management.

Team Leaders are also HR-Coaches, which means we are busy with HR related items such as job interviews and personal evaluations. The goal is to create and maintain the best, most motivated team. Planning is part of this to make sure all the technicians are at the right place at the right time.

T+, Think Positive

Team leader profile

  • Minimum 2 year of experience in a leading role in a manufacturing company.

  • Leadership skills: Clearly demonstrated abilities to inspire, influence and guide individuals or a team to achieve common goals while promoting a positive and productive work environment.

  • Hands-on attitude: you have a proactive and engaged approach, where you actively participate and take actions to address challenges or tasks.

  • Analytical skills: you can collect, interpret, and apply data to make well-considered decisions, solve problems, and optimize team performance.

  • Decision-making capability: you are not hesitant to make critical decisions.

  • Excellent English communication skills.

  • Ability to understand the strengths of the team and make optimal use of it.

  • Quality-consciousness: knowledge of quality processes in a manufacturing environment.

  • Availability to work in 2 shifts weekly schedule: Morning shift 06:00 - 14:30​/ Afternoon shift 14:30 – 23:30, on Fridays 14:30 – 21:00.

Pros and cons

  • Various and challenging work

  • Time flies

  • Being part of a (young and motivated) team

  • Plenty of self-development & growth possibilities

  • Flat organization: direct communication



| Support Engineer Machining

What I like the most about my job is to work with a lot of different people with different positions within Prodrive Technologies.

A typical day for me as a Support engineer is to start with an issue from a Technician. Today, some Technicians had an issue during the manufacturing of a product. They had problems while lifting one of our products. They report the issue and it’s my task to find a solution to solve this problem. In this process I discuss with a team lead and his Technicians to figure out what the best solution is.

When I know the specifications and requirements from the Technicians, my conversation with purchasing starts. The purchaser helps me with some companies that provide a possible solution. This is just one of the cases that passes by as a support engineer.

Other activities we do is taking care of the commissioning of new installations, a water station for example. It’s my responsibility to arrange all the documentation, tools and time to commission this new demiwater installation.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success

Support Engineer Machining profile

  • MBO in Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Industrial Engineering or a related technical education 

  • Hands-on attitude 

  • Analytical skills 

  • Good communication skills 

  • Knowledge about electrical and mechanical systems 

Pros and cons

  • Flexibility of working hours

  • A lot of responsibility

  • Every day is a new challenge

  • Work with many different departments and people

  • Healthy work environment (Fitness, food and lots more)

The Prodrive Technologies Mindset


You don’t just go to work, you feel responsible for your project


You decide when, where and how much you want to work


You like to think about manufacturability when designing


You don’t sit and wait, you have a hands-on mentality

Have you got what it takes to become a Prodriver?

What we offer

  • Perfect environment for those eager to develop themselves and take full responsibility for a project.
  • Many opportunities for personal and professional development, along with the flexibility to explore diverse roles across various projects.
  • A young and dynamic culture which stimulates innovative thinking and taking initiatives.
  • Personal budget just for you to learn new things. Your growth is our priority.
  • Flexibility of a 24/7 work environment with provided lunch, dinner, and access to our company gym.
  • Personalized development plan to craft your future.
  • You will receive essential tools if these are necessary to perform your job (i.e. iPhone and laptop).
  • On-campus sports facilities enable you to incorporate exercise seamlessly into your work routine.
  • A performance-driven salary that grows with your accomplishments.
  • Unlock the opportunity to become a shareholder and entrepreneur within the company.
  • Travel allowance based on the days you are actually at Prodrive Technologies.
  • Work-life balance with at least 33 vacation days per year.
  • Access a retirement plan.

Application steps

  1. Your journey with us starts with a swift review of your application by one of our recruiters.
  2. In some cases, if we see a potential fit, you will receive an exclusive link to our online aptitude test to assess if you’re up for the challenge.
  3. We will schedule a personal interview not only to determine if your skills match the job, but also to see if there is a spark between you and Prodrive Technologies.
  4. To complete the application journey we will send you a suitable offer and once you sign, we can welcome you to the Prodrive Technologies family.