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Our people are our biggest asset and the driving force behind our company. We strive to provide an attractive, safe, healthy and inclusive workplace that supports the growth and well-being of our people as well as that of the wider community.

"By 2030, 90% of our employees will rate their workplace as healthy, supporting their well-being and development, and contribute to the common good for all."

Discover more about how we champion our people and promote a safe, inclusive and healthy work environment

Health & Safety

Continuing to safeguard the health and safety our operations has the utmost importance, and we strive to prevent any adverse affects to our people throughout the value chain.

Working Conditions

We offer excellent working conditions, with a high level of flexibility. Through our internal health platform, gym, company doctor and free catering service we support our employees' well-being.

Development Opportunities

Our employees are encouraged to take a high degree of freedom and independence in their work. We further facilitate their personal development by providing training.

Equality & Diversity

Equality is one of our core values. We are actively working to promote an inclusive and open working environment for all, regardless of age, gender or race.

Community Engagement

We aim to secure better well-being for all. Aside from supporting our local communities, we partner with universities and collaborate with students to improve their job prospects.

Talent Recruitment & Retention

People with a passion for technology are the driving force behind our company. To sustain our high level of innovation and growth we are committed to attracting and retaining our talent.

Employee Engagement

At Prodrive we purposely maintain a flat organizational structure. We like to keep the lines short so we can listen to our people and implement changes where necessary.

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