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Optical Systems

Custom optical and laser solutions

High-tech original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) aspire to swiftly enter the market once they complete the proof of concept or prototype phase for their cutting-edge optical systems, ranging from digital microscopes to laser spectrometers. This necessitates a partner endowed with different fields of expertise and extensive manufacturing knowledge and experience. Prodrive Technologies forms this solution by offering a unique combination of knowledge in optics, opto-mechatronics, software, electronics, mechanics, control, and in-house manufacturing competencies.

The primary focus during product development tends to be on demonstrating functionality, but shortly thereafter, the emphasis shifts towards making the design robust, aligning it with standards such as SEMI, improving requirements, and optimizing the balance between functionality and costs. Our collective expertise and manufacturing know-how address all the above-mentioned challenges, offering a complete and cost-effective solution, enabling high-performance, robust, and manufacturable designs.

Through collaboration with our customers, we have crafted an extensive legacy within the realms of optics and laser solutions. Our proven expertise lies in diverse domains, including microscopy, precision position measurement, high-intensity bright field illumination, advanced imaging, as well as laser beam delivery, and intricate sensing applications. Moving from initial concepts to a detailed design, followed by rigorous qualification, and ultimately to an industrialized series product that is fully compliant with the industry standards and norms.

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