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AI-Enabled Automated Defect Classification

Transforming Inspection in Semiconductor

Automated defect classification is a well-defined technology for quality inspection in the semiconductor industry. However, as throughput and complexity in semiconductor manufacturing increase, there is a need to use advanced and retrainable AI systems to maintain high quality standards while improving the production yield.

Prodrive Technologies’ AI Automated Defect Classification (AI-ADC) not only speeds up the process of quality checking, but also makes it more accurate and fit for ever changing manufacturing processes. Moreover, this new AI tool can even help manage increasing inspection tool throughput and device complexity challenges. It may potentially add functionality, while also bringing value to semiconductor manufacturers.

The AI-ADC solution works with Robovision’s easy-to-use AI platform which enables an operator and domain expert to create and operationalize a machine-learning model fast with no code. This powerful combination meets the needs of a wide range of different customer systems in varied manufacturing applications.

With the ability to detect and classify defects sooner, issues are eliminated quickly, human error is reduced, and production yield is improved.

Whether a semiconductor business is exploring AI for the first time or looking to improve and update existing systems, the expert team from Prodrive Technologies works in close partnership to design the most efficient solutions for the specific application.

Acting as a turnkey supplier, Prodrive Technologies offer integrated computing cabinet solutions that are not only tailored to be used in a clean environment; a crucial aspect for the Semiconductor industry, but also complying with important industry standards like SEMI F47, SEMI S2, SEMI S8.

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Production verified Prodrive hardware with Robovision AI-enabled software

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Ready for future developments

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Leverage deep learning within the wafer fab

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Compatible with NVIDIA processing hardware

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