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Motion Stages

Custom high-precision motion stages

The custom-made, high-precision motion stages we offer are designed specifically for the semiconductor, flat panel display, and life science industries. By combining cutting-edge engineering principles and our off-the-shelf products, we help to reduce the pendency of external component suppliers and provide complete solutions for customers.

A high level of integration and specific tuning ranging from basic motion system calibration with the onboard encoder system to external measurements will ensure it fits customers’ requirements. This allows us to provide fully calibrated turn-key precision stages at the point of interest by leveraging stage-specific data such as look-up tables, motor constants, friction parameters, cogging, and encoder mapping, etc.

To complement our positioning stages, we provide the powerful Prodrive Motion Platform software (PMP). This advanced software solution delivers seamless high-performance motion control, leveraging industry standards. With the PMP software, customers can achieve impressive 20kHz motion control capabilities while minimizing I/O delay. The versatility of PMP is enhanced by its full compatibility with widely adopted industry standards, such as EtherCAT® and Simulink. This means users have the flexibility to expand the precision positioning system beyond Prodrive devices, incorporating non-Prodrive EtherCAT® I/O terminals and servo drives if necessary. Furthermore, Simulink empowers customers to effortlessly modify control networks on both the motion controller and servo drives, granting them unparalleled control over the system.

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Fully customized design
High-performance motion control
Calibration in the point of interest
Highly integrated

Dual motion stage for electronics manufacturing application

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