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Integrated Systems

With more than three decades of experience, we specialize in developing custom integrated solutions tailored to the needs of high-tech OEMs. Our comprehensive approach enables our customers to stay focused on their core applications by harnessing our competencies, utilizing off-the-shelf products, leveraging in-house manufacturing capabilities, and ensuring full qualifications.

Our team combines cross-domain knowledge and proficiency in precision mechanics, optics, magnetics, optomechanics, control, and electronics. Possessing the expertise to design, manufacture, and conduct research on innovative integrated systems or modules. Our custom integrated solutions can be applied (adopted) in various applications that require great accuracy, high speed, and flexibility for different industries.

Our custom integrated solutions, including wafer stages, mechatronic systems, SMT placement heads, digital microscopes, and optical laser steering systems, are specifically engineered to deliver cost-effective solutions and high-quality performance. The end-to-end solutions are tailored for high-end industries, including semiconductors, medical technology, and life sciences.

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Custom Solution Custom Solution

Focused on system-level integration, form factor, and cost-effective solutions

Cross-domain knowledge Cross-domain knowledge

Combination of competencies in different fields of expertise

Reliable supply chain Reliable supply chain

Full control of in-house development, manufacturing, and key components

One-stop-shop One-stop-shop

Providing complementary product propositions from a single supplier