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Prodrive Kubernetes Services

Prodrive Kubernetes Services (PKS) is a Kubernetes-based container orchestration platform. It allows the user to build and manage a Kubernetes cluster with ease and in a single web interface. Thanks to the tight integration with Prodrive Centralized Management, the user has single pane of glass diagnostics, essentially managing sensors to containers from a single interface.

Prodrive offers a build and transfer service, with support for customers to move workloads to a containerized architecture and integrating their applications on PKS. After transfer, Prodrive offers updates and upgrades, as well as support to manage issues and the integration of new applications.

PKS unlocks enhanced scalability, availability, and application portability. As with the entire Prodrive portfolio, it targets embedded applications and is fully compatible with air-gapped environments.

ECS Kubernetes
Scalability Scalability

Up to 20% saving cost of hardware

Availability Availability

Reduce downtime up to 25%*

Managed Managed

Up to $100k less development cost compared to in-house*

*Compared to bare metal deployments; use case dependent

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