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Motion & Mechatronics

At Prodrive Technologies we combine motion control with power electronics. We excel at smart design and cost-efficient production of high-end mechatronic systems. Our mechatronic systems often consist of several submodules, integrated in one complex system with very challenging requirements concerning position accuracy, repeatability and cost. To fulfill these requirements, integral system design is important for us.

We offer off-the-shelf (OTS) components, such as Motion control software, Drives & controllers and Motors & actuators. Our customer unique solutions include Integrated mechatronic systems and Custom drives & motors.

The integral approach of Prodrive Technologies towards all these competences, combined with in-house manufacturing, enable optimized performance and quality for the best price, culminating in a unique market position.

Our customers are key players in markets such as front- and backend semiconductor equipment, life science and medical equipment, display equipment, elevators, and industrial equipment. They rely on our solutions to enable them to make the difference within their respective market and they often apply our solutions at the heart of their systems.

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