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Fuel-cell to grid converter

Universal 25kW fuel-cell to grid converter. The Airdra25 offers bi-directional power conversion from any type of fuel-cell to the AC power grid.

The Airdra25 offers bi-directional power conversion from any type of fuel cell to the AC power grid. It can operate grid-connected as well as stand-alone, creating a local micro-grid. With its 19” form factor and galvanic isolation, multiple Airdra25s can be easily paralleled, interfacing fuel cells up to 500kW. The module offers high efficiency (up to 96%) and is air-cooled with a low-noise speed-controlled fan tray. The module complies with the latest international Grid codes (E.g. RfG, IEEE1547) and can be accessed via a standardized Sunspec Modbus Ethernet interface.

Key features include:

  • Fully bi-directional
  • Parallelable up to 500kW
  • Short-circuit and under voltage protected
  • 96% efficiency
  • SiC technology
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Galvanic Isolation
Easy Paralleling up to 500kW
SunSpec Modbus Monitoring Interface
Wide Input Voltage Range

The Airdra25 is a universal power converter that can be used to interface with different types of fuel cells including regenerative ones. Due to its bi-directional capabilities, it can also be used to connect batteries or electrolysis stacks to the grid. The Airdra25 can operate grid-connected as well as in a stand-alone configuration. As it complies with the latest grid code standards, it is fully prepared for the future grid with a high penetration of renewable energy sources. Its galvanic isolation offers the possibility of flexible grounding and easy paralleling, up to 500kW.

The SunSpec Modbus ethernet interface facilitates control and monitoring of the Airdra25. A separated Master/Slave interface is available to guarantee even power distribution and stable operation for almost unlimited paralleling of modules.

The Airdra25 module is designed as fully PCB-based and almost completely produced on automated production lines with in-line automated quality control and tests, therefore eliminating the risk of human error. The unit is fully SiC-based, resulting in high efficiency and low thermal stress over a lifetime. The fans are speed-controlled, increasing bearing lifetime. If necessary the fan tray can be replaced separately.


System Integration Options

DC side Fuel-cell, Electrolysis, Battery
AC side Grid connected, Stand-alone
Supported AC grid types 3Ph with and w/o neutral
Paralleling Up to 6, AC and DC side
Power flow Bi-directional

Electrical Performance

Fuel cell voltage 100 – 240Vdc, ±200Adc
Grid voltage 3Ph 380 – 480Vac, 40Arms
Grid frequency 50/60Hz
Active Power ±25kW continuous
Reactive Power 25kVAr (lagging and leading)
Efficiency Up to 96%


Ambient temperature -25 to +45°C
Environment Indoor industrial usage
Certifications UL, CE


DC and AC side PowerCombicon35 connectors
Auxiliary supply 24V supply or battery
Monitoring & control SunSpec Modbus ethernet
Master/slave interface RS-422


Enclosure 19” Rack unit
Height 5U
Depth 650mm
Air cooling Front to back, speed controlled


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