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Premium RF Amplifier for 3.0T ultra high-field MRI systems

Key features:

  • Cost effective dual channel 3.0T RF Amplifier
  • Extremely rugged design / high reliability
  • State-of- the art technology
  • Per channel: 20kW PEP, 10% duty cycle, 8ms pulse length
  • Isolated power supply with PFC (Power Factor Correction)
  • Direct mains connection, no PDU required
  • Advanced hybrid control loop to achieve high fidelity
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • IEC 60601 edition 3, CE
  • Liquid cooled
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NGRF30000 Small
20kW PEP / 2kW AVG /10% Duty Cycle
Direct mains connection, no PDU required
Extreme reliable & lifetime over 10 years
Advanced control and diagnostics with NG Tool Suite

Note: We specialize in volume sales to large OEMs and are unable to accommodate single-unit purchases unless they are part of an initial order indicating future volume needs.


Ngtoolsuite Icon

NG Tool Suite

NG Tool Suite enables easy access across NG Series product portfolio from initial integration to in-field remote diagnostics via Ethernet connection HMI


Control Interfacing

Seamless integration into new and current systems by using our flexible control interface. Existing interface can be easily installed in the whole NG series portfolio.


White Labeling

Customer specific branding is possible, to align within customer product portfolio.


Isolated Power Supply

  Min Max Unit
Mains 380 480 VAC +/- 10%
  50 60 Hz
Mains switch included      
Power Factor Correction (PFC)        
Isolated Power Supply       

Power Performance ( per channel) 

  Typical Unit
Pnom 20 kW PEP
Pav @20kW  PEP. 10% Duty cycle 2 kW  
Pcw 200 W PEP
Pulse length  @ Pnom 8 ms

Gain & Frequency Range

  Typical Unit
Gain 73 dB +/-0.2dB
Gain flatness (+/-500 kHz) +/-0.2 dB
Operating frequency  127.74  +/-1MHz
Operating frequency  123.2  +/-1MHz

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