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The ever-growing demand for improved value and the persistent need for increased productivity, shorter delivery times and smarter systems are determining the requirements for the production processes and equipment of tomorrow. At Prodrive Technologies we deliver industrial innovation – today. Using advancements in mechatronics, computing, automation, power conversion, sensing and connectivity we enable you to be highly competitive. We offer customer specific as well as ready-to-use solutions to many customers – often highly technology-driven industrial equipment manufacturers and system integrators.

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Black Automated Transport Industry 4.0

Advanced systems, sub-systems and components suitable for the future of industrial equipment and manufacturing 

Medical Cost & Performance Operational Efficiency

solutions from advanced techniques in design, packaging and reliability that achieve highest possible efficiency and throughput for industrial equipment and settings 

Power Conversion Robustness Robustness

in house design and validation up to the harshest environment industrial ratings

Embedded Computing Systems Customizable2 Customization

leveraging standard building blocks, we provide proven solutions but catered to specific needs of the application; minimizing risk, time to market and cost to integrate 

Our Products and Technologies in the Industrial Market

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Data Room

Whether it is add-in processing cards, industrial PCs or complete server cabinets and software used for centralized cloud computing, we offer several ready-to-use products as well as complete custom configurations to meet your needs.  

Computing Cabinets Storage Systems Rack Servers