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Advanced Cameras

'There is always space ahead of the field', which inspires us every day when creating meaningful imaging technologies that push the boundaries of resolution and speed.

Prodrive Technologies develops and manufactures customized and off-the-shelf advanced camera solutions that help OEMs in the semiconductor, flat panel display, and life science industries to increase the system's throughput.​​

Our approach is to take responsibility for end-to-end imaging solutions that start by creating an imaging sensor to offer an exceptional combination of pixel resolution, speed, and sensitivity. We design high-bandwidth electronics to utilize the sensor and offer the processing hardware to deliver the camera data to the computer’s memory for further processing.​ This unique approach helps our customers to advance in their next-generation imaging system.

Our solutions cover a wide field of applications including multi-electron beam, X-ray, DUV, visible light, and infrared imaging.​​

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Advanced cameras are continuously evolving, aiming for higher accuracy and better throughput. Contact us to tackle the challenges in balancing size, performance, and data rates. Schedule a meeting with our Global Sales Manager, Marco van Hout to see how our camera technology keeps you stay ahead of the field!


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High speed industrial camera

Yooka series

High-speed area scan camera, up to 2000 fps

Introducing the Yooka series, a remarkable line of high-speed area scan cameras tailored for professionals who prioritize exceptional system throughput.

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Yooka Area Scan Camera Sensor



Unique attributes
Custom sensor integration Custom sensor integration

Integration expertise of most innovative area-, line- and e-beam sensors

Solution focused Solution focused

Focused on system level integration, formfactor, and cost

Vertical integrated Vertical integrated

Offering end-to-end support on development in all our expertise areas up to system level integration.

Performance Performance
Performance isn't just a benchmark, its defining new technology records
In-house manufacturing In-house manufacturing

Our in-house manufacturing guarantees the highest quality and provides a strong DFM knowledge base

Cleanroom Cleanroom

State-of-art ISO5 cleanroom facilities to meet the highest cleanliness requirements

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