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Sustainable Operations

We aim to make our operations as resilient and sustainable as possible, also in support of the transition to a low-carbon economy.

"By 2030, halve our operational environmental footprint as we grow our business"

Discover more about how we are lowering our impact on the environment

Waste Management

We have an extensive waste management program, which reduces the amount of waste entering landfills and encourages recycling, reuse and recovery of materials. 

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We are committed to minimizing our carbon emissions, focusing on reduction efforts in all our production sites, business travel and logistics, and compensate any unavoidable emissions.

Energy Management

We apply the latest standards for isolation, make use of solar panels and energy efficient lighting. Our new production facility generates over 70 MWh of solar energy per year.

Energy Management Operations

Our ultimate goal at Prodrive Technologies is running a full “lights out” factory, meaning a production facility that is fully automated and requires limited human presence on-site.


We aim to make use of more sustainable packaging by maximizing the returnability and recyclability of packaging and stimulating our supply chain to do the same.

Water Management

Water scarcity is a persistent global risk. We aim to understand our role by inventorying our water consumption in all our operations and reducing consumption where possible.

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