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Electronics manufacturing

Electronics manufacturing is at the root of Prodrive Technologies. Over the years we have optimized our electronics production and supporting processes so that they are highly efficient and flexible with superior output quality. We do this by maximizing robotics and by continuously monitoring and optimizing our processes. Our state-of-the-art electronic manufacturing capabilities ensure that you can benefit from the latest electronics manufacturing technologies. We understand that the best products need to be manufactured in a world-class manufacturing facility. And that is exactly what you can expect from Prodrive Technologies.

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PCBA Through Hole PCBA Through Hole
Optical and X-ray Inspection Optical and X-ray Inspection
Inline Automated Electrical Testing Inline Automated Electrical Testing
Bin Picking Bin Picking
Coating Coating
Die Placement Die Placement
Wire Bonding Wire Bonding
Automated Internal Transport Automated Internal Transport

SMD PCBA manufacturing

In the SMD section we can place up to 100.000 components per hour at each of our 10 production lines. Components can vary from 01005 sizes, ultra fine pitch BGA (0,35mm) up to 288 pins connectors. Soldering is done via a zone controlled reflow oven. Vacuum and nitrogen soldering are also available to achieve the highest quality possible. Inline solder paste inspection, component placement inspection, x-ray solder connection inspection and electrical tests are integrated as standard quality control steps in the production lines.

Through hole PCBA manufacturing

For the assembly of through hole components we developed our own bin picking solution which enables automated placement of almost all components. After automated placement we solder the components using selective wave soldering and ensure the best solder connection while applying the least thermal stress on the products. All placements and solder connection are checked via solder joint inspection, x-ray inspection and electrical test using AET or flying probe.

Additional processes

Additional processes related to PCBA manufacturing such as coating, press fit component placement, underfill and bond pad inspection are also available and fully integrated within the facilities of Prodrive Technologies.

As for all our processes, process steps and data of these process steps are collected via our Manufacturing Execution System (MES) system. This data is used for continuous improvement of our processes, SPC data analyses and root cause analyses if necessary.

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Inline programming and test

Within the Prodrive Technologies factory, automated test and inspection are a key element. In the earliest stage possible, the test strategy on product, system or machine level is determined based on materials and components used, risks in manufacturing processes, customer quality requirements and safety requirements. 

Test systems that are embedded in our factory concept are:

  • Solder paste inspection (SPI)
  • Component placement inspection (AOI)
  • X-ray solder-joint inspection (AOXI)
  • Trough hole solder-joint inspection (ATI)
  • Inline electrical testing (ICT and functional)
  • X-ray inspection
  • Optical inspections with artificial intelligence
  • Coordinate-measuring machine (CMM)
  • Automated safety and functional tests
  • Burn-in and duration tests

Die placement and Wire bonding

Within Prodrive Technologies, we started to develop the knowledge regarding die placement and wire bonding almost a decade ago. We invested in the best equipment and developed the processes, according to the Prodrive Technologies factory concept, with the highest level of automation and with integrated controls on reliability and quality.

Our equipment is currently placing dice from 1mm x 1mm up to 60mm x 60mm from wafers or a custom supply method. Wire bonding can be done with aluminum, copper or copper clad wires with diameters from 20µm up to 500µm or using ribbon bonding technologies. Other processes such as sintering, CO2 cleaning, plasma cleaning and multiply dispense solutions are also integrated to be able to manufacture total solutions for our customers.


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