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Advanced technologies for interventional image-guided systems and endoscopy applications

Advanced technologies for interventional image-guided systems and endoscopy applications

As advances in medical technology are driven forward by an aging world population, there is an increasing demand for technological innovation that provides cost-effective and future-proof solutions to diagnose infectious and chronic diseases.

In a post-pandemic world, there is once again a growing demand for diagnostic options and minimally invasive treatment procedures. In order to meet this need, operating room technology needs to assist medical professionals by ensuring improved quality, reliability, and throughput.

Flexible systems are required that can optimize the operating room’s configuration for diverse clinical specialties while at the same time maintaining the lowest total cost of ownership and allowing the addition of new devices, such as displays or AI-enabled processing modules for future-proofing the system.

Added-value healthcare solutions

Developing increased performance while reducing cost is challenging in the areas of interventional image-guided systems and endoscopy. Prodrive Technologies offers a range of value-added solutions to deal with challenges in image processing, software management, PC and server hardware, and data processing.

The Audio Video Distribution (AVIDIS) system can connect multiple image sources and displays through a single network and streams up to 4K uncompressed video with zero delays. Live compositing, cropping, scaling, overlaying, and other functionalities to assist in interventional image-guided systems and endoscopy are also available through its software.

The Zeus Scalable server series for high-bandwidth applications and industrial PCs are volume optimized and can be customized to specific medical applications’ needs. Two of these hardware solutions have applications in radiology. Add-in cards and COM Express Processors mean PC offerings can be further customized to handle and process large amounts of data, like complex compositing of lossless video streams in an interventional image-guided system.

Another added-value solution that is being offered is Centralized Management, a tool for the diagnostic and management of multi-node and multi-rack systems that helps hospital IT managers to manage their mission-critical operations, minimizing downtime and reducing patient waiting times.

Lastly, Prodrive offers solutions based on the new NVIDIA IGX edge AI platform, a combination of hardware and software that delivers low-latency AI inference providing instant insights from a range of devices and sensors. The IGX platform supports NVIDIA Clara Holoscan, a domain-specific platform that allows medical-device developers to bridge edge, on-premises data-center, and cloud services — enabling the rapid development of new, software-defined devices that bring the latest AI applications directly into the operating room. Medical applications could include robotic-assisted surgery, patient monitoring, ultrasound, and endoscopy.

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Prodrive Technologies has been serving the medical industry with its meaningful, affordable and innovative solutions for interventional image-guided systems and endoscopy applications for decades. All our medical industry technologies are operated under the ISO13485 standard for quality management systems.

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