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How to shorten data-processing time and increase efficiency for DNA sequencing?

How to shorten data-processing time and increase efficiency for DNA sequencing?

Catching up with disease diagnoses worldwide post covid-19 is driving the demand for high-quality diagnostics and treatment. DNA sequencers are increasingly identifying bacteria, viruses, and genetic diseases. Pressures are however increasing on life scientists, who need results quickly for rapid treatment.

Next-generation sequencing is speeding up tissue scanning with highly parallel sequencing and higher resolution, shorter nucleotide length readings, and lower costs. As a result, costs are dropping below $1,000 per genome and DNA analysis is becoming much more widely applicable. Prodrive Technologies is helping equipment builders in the industry to develop these platforms for genome sequencing by providing mechatronic solutions for nanopositioning, high-speed cameras, and data processing hardware.


Bringing DNA sequencing to the next level
The copies of original nucleotides from a thermocycler are given four different fluorescent dye frequencies on a DNA microarray (biochip). A precision motion stage combined with a TDI camera is then used to image the samples at very high resolution.

This Sonic TDI camera is a breakthrough development that redefines TDI imaging. It uses a proprietary sensor with 8K or 16K pixels resolution that captures at a line rate of up to 1MHz. The 256 TDI stages guarantee an excellent sensitivity to maintain 12 bits of image quality in combination with high sampling speeds.

The modular camera design allows maximum flexibility for customization. Prodrive Technologies also offers the hardware to extract and process the data from the camera at this high speed.


Complete subsystems effectively plug together


Paving the way with a single supplier
With over three decades of experience in multiple markets, our extensive portfolio of products, expertise in customization and system integration, and manufacturing capabilities give us total control of our operations and guarantee 10+ year life cycles of products. Every day we are creating reliable, flexible, and complete solutions that make the world work.

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