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In-house sensor design leads to unique Advanced Cameras

In-house sensor design leads to unique Advanced Cameras

Prodrive Technologies develops and manufactures fully customized and off-the-shelf cameras for very demanding customers in the semiconductor, flat panel display, and life science industry.

Our cameras continue to push the boundaries of speed, resolution, and sensitivity within challenging mechanical constraints including ultra-high vacuum.


How do we take an extra step for the three target markets?

In all markets we serve, customers are challenged by ever-decreasing defect sizes and increasing throughput requirements putting a challenge on the imaging chain. For these challenges, a standard off-the-shelf camera or sensor often doesn’t meet the system requirements. To cope with this technological challenge, customers can rely on our unique end-to-end approach to solve the imaging path from A to Z.

We have all the competencies and facilities in-house to take full responsibility for the sensor design and the development of the camera to utilize this sensor. The exceptional combination of resolutions and speed will result in very high data rates, that easily reach levels that are >10x higher compared to today’s off-the-shelf machine vision cameras. For customers to benefit from these high data rates, we also offer products to configure the data path to the processing platform.

And there is more to tell. Read this technical article to see how we turn challenges into opportunities with huge data output for your applications.