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Struggling to find the right supplier for accurate semiconductor solutions?

Struggling to find the right supplier for accurate semiconductor solutions?

Though semiconductor applications vary, they share some common pain points. High prices, long lead times, and dealing with multiple vendors for parts are all challenging. At the same time, many of these businesses lack the resource and knowledge needed to confidently update and optimize their operations

These difficulties are accompanied by a growing demand for chips, which adds pressure for accuracy and higher throughput. This is made even tougher as customization options for many typical solutions in the market are limited.

Identifying solutions that can provide the components and systems needed is one route that may help front or back-end semiconductor applications and electronics manufacturers overcome these issues.


5 ways a “one-stop-shop” can benefit semiconductor businesses

Sourcing all the required solutions from a single provider enables businesses to more easily invest in improving their processes in five main ways.


1. Time-saving

Liaising with multiple vendors brings complexity. When planning systems, it is time-consuming to get the information needed from each different supplier and to ensure each of the elements will work together. Varied vendors also mean a range of lead times, with the possibility that one element can delay the implementation of a new process. Working with a single partner gives greater control and potentially shorter lead times.


2. Standardized quality

Suppliers may have differing standards, leading to components with vastly different reliability levels or usage lifetime. By selecting a single provider with high-quality criteria and which manufactures all products in-house, consistent quality levels can be guaranteed, ordinarily at a cost-competitive rate.


3. Simplified integration

Semiconductor industry applications can be particularly intricate and specialized. Combining components from different suppliers adds another level of difficulty when designing a system. However, solutions that come from a single selected supplier tend to be made ready to work with one another, helping to make a previously complicated integration far simpler.


4. A range of options

Not all suppliers to the semiconductor industry are equal. When opting to work with a single partner, it is critical to check that a wide spectrum of possibilities is available. With the very particular nature of semiconductor industry applications, it is helpful to be able to rely on the same business to provide both straightforward ‘off-the-shelf’ products for commonplace uses, as well as customized technical solutions as needed. Tailored solutions can help ensure a business does not have to pay for what they do not need.


5. Access to experts

Though there are many shared challenges in the semiconductor industry, applications are often unique. By working with one supplier for all requirements, businesses gain access to a trusted team of experts that has a deeper knowledge of the organization. With broad expertise across a range of technologies, a single partner can also provide support through the redesign process to create a solution suited to specific needs.


With a long experience in the semiconductor industry, Prodrive Technologies can offer all the benefits above not only by delivering a “one-stop-shop” for both off-the-shelf products and custom technical solutions but also through different technologies, including cameras, motion control systems, and embedded computing systems.

Our team of semiconductor experts is making it simpler for businesses to invest in improving their systems and processes, such as:


Customized options

Prodrive Technologies offers a vast choice of off-the-shelf products and great expertise in the creation of tailored systems and solutions.

We design and manufacture all these deliverables in-house, where customers can expect short development timelines for cost-effective solutions based on proven, dependable technologies. Control over all key components and processes helps streamline system design and integration, while also reducing lead times.


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