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Zeus High Performance Cabinet

Industrial-Grade Computing Cabinet

Prodrive Technologies’ Zeus High Performance Cabinet (ZHPC) is an industrial-grade, liquid cooled computing cabinet for demanding embedded applications such as motion control and image processing. It is designed for industrial environments, with features such as smoke detection, leakage detection, and Emergency Machine Off (EMO) functionality. With a built-in heat exchanger, fans and a power distribution unit, it is a complete solution for housing, powering and cooling up to 41 rack units of equipment. ZHPC can operate standalone but is also provisioned for easy integration in larger systems.

Apart from delivering ZHPC as a stand-alone product, we offer purpose-built systems including networking, computing and storage solutions based on own hardware such as Zeus server family series. Click here for the details about our integration services.

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Built-in heat exchanger and PDU
SEMI S2, SEMI S8, SEMI F47, NFPA 79 compliant
Supports up to 24 kW of equipment
Remote management over ethernet


User Equipment Space

Height  41 Rack Units
Width  19"  EIA & IEC compliant 
Distance between 19" pillars 780 mm
Cable ducts  4 x front-to-rear 


  Typical Unit
Height  2000 mm
Width  800 mm
Depth  1200 mm
Weight packed  572 kg
Weight unpacked  354 kg
Static load capacity 1300 kg
Dynamic load capacity 800 kg


Type Hybrid air to water with built-in heat exchanger
Temperature control Water flow regulation
Cooling capacity 24 kW * 
Coolant consumption  <4.8 m³/hr
Cooling medium Water
Airflow control Fixed differential front-to-rear air pressure
Fans  6x in a redundant configuration 
Max. airflow  Up to 6000m³/hr
Required differential pressure  ≥ 1.5 bar 
  * cooling capacity may vary depending on water inlet and target internal ambient temperature

Integrated Power Distribution

Mains 200/208V & 400V phase-phase
Power distribution unit  48x C13 outlets equipped with circuit breakers
Available power  24 kW



Safety features

Input circuit breaker with ground fault interrupter
2x emergency machine off buttons
Leakage detection
Overheating protection
Safety output

Management & diagnostics

3x temperature and humidity sensors
Differential air pressure and fan speed sensors
Water flow and temperature sensors
Smoke detector
5x RJ45 ports
IPMI 2.0 over Ethernet