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Solutions to overcome semiconductor manufacturing and inspection challenges

Whether a business is packaging a chip, inspecting a wafer, or manufacturing electronic components, accuracy is non-negotiable in the semiconductor industry. Understanding these challenges is essential for delivering innovative solutions for measurable business benefits.

In both production and inspection semiconductor applications, there is a demand to complete tasks at greater speed and precision, and a range of particular technologies may need to be adopted to make this possible. Semiconductor applications often have highly specific needs, so finding the right solutions can be difficult, especially with ongoing delays and disruptions to the global supply chain. Shortages of the right expertise can make redesigning processes daunting, but also open up exciting opportunities for automation.

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We have listed some of the major challenges we have observed in the semiconductor market:


  • Speed and precision

The demand for chips is growing rapidly. This means that businesses need to achieve higher throughput to a certain speed and accuracy to have a successful inspection, yet the budgets to make this happens might be unavailable.

Various applications may be experiencing low throughput due to a wide range of factors, from camera speed to computer systems and motion solutions. Meanwhile, outdated ball screws may be limiting the accuracy of the process.

Cutting-edge solutions, such as high-performance linear motors, deliver the precise results needed at a cost-competitive price, especially for high volumes.


  • Customization options

Every business within the semiconductor industry has unique needs and limitations. Applications may be working with highly specific form factors, so off-the-shelf products are not always a good fit for the market.

Customized solutions may better meet different requirements depending on each specific need, from individual system elements to the development of a complete motion stage.


  • Streamlined supply chain

The recent global pandemic led to disruption in the component supply chain. Long lead times have slowed some businesses down. Where a business manufactures solutions in-house, this places the company in complete control and keeps lead times short. Semiconductor companies should also seek support from suppliers which can be a one-stop-shop for motion stages, drivers, motors, controllers, and more. This simplifies every transaction and reduces the number of suppliers that semiconductor applications need to deal with, saving them time.


  • Solutions to bridge the knowledge

Updating systems and technologies can be daunting. It is a big investment of time and resources, especially with knowledgeable labor in short supply.

Expert teams can use their vast experience to support businesses throughout the redesign process. Our team of expert engineers and software specialists invest time in assessing the exact outcome needed for the specific applications, helping businesses get it the right first time. Our application engineers can also visit customers in-house to provide local support.


  • Accuracy and throughput

Applications with semiconductor quality inspection need to improve both accuracy and throughput, yet it is difficult for organizations to find the right people to maintain complex systems. At the same time, improving productivity and increasing yield is also essential to remain competitive.

The good news is that AI and machine learning is enhancing the potential to do automated defect review. The Robovision AI-enabled platform (the RVAI platform) has been tailored for AI-enabled automated defect classification (ADC) applications to leverage deep learning within the fab. These solutions can evolve as businesses and products change. Drastic yield improvement as well as high accuracy within the application are possible.


  • High-speed inspection

High-speed and high-resolution cameras are essential for the scanning and inspection of wafers and components, even when light conditions are limited. As precision is essential in semiconductor and electronics inspection, fully customized cameras can help you with a specific inspection task. Moreover, high-speed, high-resolution TDI (Time Delay & Integration) line-scan cameras enable you to acquire high-resolution images more quickly and more effectively. Even moving objects can be captured without motion blur.


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