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Linear motors accelerate speed of high-end printers

Linear motors accelerate speed of high-end printers

With the latest technology of linear direct drive motors, the printer industry is at the brink of another leap forward. Traditionally, increased printing speed comes at the cost of lower image quality, due to diminishing accuracy of moving parts at higher speeds. Prodrive Technologies has developed a range of robust linear motors that can drive printheads at unprecedented speeds while maintaining micrometer accuracy. More high-quality output within the same production lead time offers a competitive advantage for printer manufacturers as well as their industrial customers.


Working principle of linear motors

Contrary to conventional electric motors, the propulsion is not transferred from rotating coils into a straight line by using bearings or belts, but it is directly put into linear motion using a magnet array and a moving coil unit. The coil unit accurately moves back and forth over the magnet array. This revolutionizes the use of motion control when it comes to speed, accuracy, and reliability.


Advantages of linear motors

First of all, linear direct drive motors have zero backlash, reducing settling times close to zero. Next to that, linear motors are not sensitive to mechanical inertia as there is no transmission, which enables extremely high dynamic performance. Frictionless motion eliminates wear and tear or smudging due to dust particles. Also, the absence of mechanical parts leads to low maintenance and a high lifespan. This significantly improves the total cost of ownership (TCO) through an excellent meantime between failure (MTBF).


Integration in flatbed and 3D printers

As a leading technology provider in motion & mechatronics, Prodrive Technologies developed a range of high-performance Linear Motors | Prodrive Technologies (, as well as a complete package of motion controllers, servo drives, power supplies, voice coils, and motion software. This technology, derived from semiconductor and electronics manufacturing systems, now offers a breakthrough in the printer industry. Using suitable linear motors to drive the speed and accuracy of printheads is especially beneficial to large format printers and to 3D printers where micrometer accuracy is crucial. Direct drive motors enable higher printing speeds, increasing output without compromising the print quality by maintaining micrometer accuracy.

Key benefits


Partner for end-to-end support

With over 30 years of experience in supporting high-tech manufacturers to successfully implement tailor made motion control and mechatronics technology, we are ready to support R&D and innovation programs in the printer industry. You can build on end-to-end support, from feasibility and prototyping to pilot, design freeze, manufacturing and worldwide accurate delivery, to accelerate your business in high-end printers.


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