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Prodrive Technologies Collaborates with NVIDIA to Bring Medical-Grade AI Platform - Clara Holoscan MGX - to Medical Devices

Prodrive Technologies Collaborates with NVIDIA to Bring Medical-Grade AI Platform - Clara Holoscan MGX - to Medical Devices

Advances in medical devices and instruments are happening at great speeds. Higher resolution and faster imaging allow medical professionals to detect anomalies sooner and perform diagnostics with greater precision than ever. This is true for a range of modalities, from radiology to surgery.

At Prodrive Technologies, we support medical device companies with image processing and video distribution systems. Using our systems, our customers process raw data input into images that are used for diagnosis as well as real-time treatment. Our AVIDIS technology displays live 4K video streams with low latency on any screen inside and outside the examination room, rendering it a key building block for the hybrid OR. Live video is combined with other input streams and editing features like cropping, scaling, overlaying, and color space conversion, which are applied on the fly.

Developments are driven by better sensors as well as vastly more refined processing algorithms. Notably, Artificial intelligence (AI) is opening a realm of new possibilities. Applications for use cases such as live annotations of video streams, advanced image enhancements, and workflow optimizations are in development and making their way into clinical practice. 

A generic, scalable, and comprehensive platform is required to move these new developments into production. This platform needs to be able to operate on the edge, in a small form factor, and with low power consumption. It needs to provide the software infrastructure to enable fast application development.

Today, NVIDIA introduced Clara Holoscan MGX, a tightly integrated hardware and software platform for commercial medical device deployment. This platform provides the medical device industry with a commercially available, medical-grade, AI inference platform, lowering the cost and time to develop AI-enabled, software-defined medical devices.

At Prodrive Technologies, we will develop products based on the Clara Holoscan MGX platform that fit seamlessly in the systems across various modalities, including interventional X-ray, ultrasound, and mobile surgery. Clara Holoscan MGX is based on the NVIDIA Orin module to deliver 250 AI TOPS and scale to over 600 AI TOPS with an RTX A6000 GPU. NVIDIA ConnectX7 delivers streaming IO with up to 200 GbE and GPU Direct RDMA for ultra-low-latency processing. The NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX platform will offer features that make it well suitable for medical applications that are not generally available for GPU-based platforms. It will support the typical long lifecycle of medical devices, reducing the need for regular costly cycles of software and hardware updates. Through the extensive availability of related software, it essentially reduces the edge AI medical device development problem to a software-defined problem.

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