Turnkey healthcare solutions at competitive price and performance levels.

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Medical market

Prodrive Technologies specializes in creating meaningful and turnkey healthcare solutions at competitive price and performance levels.

We execute this by leveraging our experience from the multiple markets we serve. From a technology perspective, our architects re-use the technologies developed for other applications and industries. We lower products cost by taking advantage of our vertical integration, which also guarantees product quality. With this in-house flexibility we are able to design for the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. The experience we have gained in the medical market over the past 20 years, combined with constructive input from both customers and suppliers, serve as the foundation to create turnkey solutions that really matter.



Due to this approach we are recognized as a global Tier 1 supplier of high quality medical equipment.

The medical market is increasingly focused on further cutting down costs. Both in steady markets and growing market regions like Asia, costs are a number one priority. At Prodrive Technologies, we have a fresh perspective on the future of health, by focusing on what matters most – providing optimum price and performance solutions to our customers, making them both highly competitive and efficient, improving human health, all while costs go down.

You can also challenge us with your existing portfolio of products for our manufacturing services and you can benefit from higher quality levels and a lower Total Cost of Ownership. Our Medical technologies are all operated under the ISO13485 standard for Quality management systems.

Technology Solutions

Applying our technologies to create your solutions. We rapidly develop solutions which exceed our clients’ expectations.

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Shimming Amplifiers

NGS130 series Shimming Amplifiers System offers a cost effective and integral solution for mainstream MRI system

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Rack Servers -Zeus Series

Zeus Xeon Scalable Series (ZXSP) - 1U Offers high reliability and long lifecycle

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Premium RF Amplifiers

Prodrive Technologies’ NGRF3000-2 series RF Amplifier System offers a cost effective and high performance solution for 3.0T high field MR systems.

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Gradient Amplifiers - NG Series

Prodrive Technologies’ NG series Gradient Amplifier Systems offers a cost effective and integral solution for mainstream MRI systems

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