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Industrial Automation Solutions

When you need an integrated solution to meet your end-to-end manufacturing challenges, our Industrial Automation expertise is there to help.  By leveraging the power of digitalization in our Contract Manufacturing service, we help businesses to keep production and assembly costs down, while also improving quantity and quality.

Our team of industrial automation experts creates flexible and scalable solutions, using innovative automated manufacturing, test, and logistics processes, alongside the latest robotics and AI technologies.  Whether we are creating small parts or finished products, Prodrive Technologies can do so without any manual operator involvement, getting higher volume yields with greater accuracy, but at a comparable price.

All solutions are controlled by Prodrive Business Software (PBS), a system we developed to control operations and guarantee quality procedures, ensuring we can deliver with high productivity to give our customers the competitive advantage.

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Logistics automation

Our production facilities are Industry 4.0 ready, on a path to complete digitalization. To support our 24/7 manufacturing operation, we have developed solutions to increase automation in our internal logistics processes. This helps us deliver on time, at the right price for our customers.

An Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) provides flexible transportation of goods from A to B, at the right time, in the right quantities. Meanwhile, flexible automated storage solutions help store or buffer goods when needed, from a standalone conveyor, to a (de)stacking cabinet that can help minimize the number of journeys needed.  All controlled by Prodrive Technologies’ Logistics Management System (LMS) for visibility, accuracy, and continuous improvement.

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At our highly automated factory, smart robots take care of repetitive, quality driven, dangerous and heavy-duty labor. Get in touch now if you’re ready to benefit from flexibility, reliability, control, and cost effectiveness by outsourcing your manufacturing to Prodrive Technologies.


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At Prodrive Technologies, we continue to innovate and develop new industrial automation solutions for our customers. Find out more about working with us.