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Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Custom-designed HMIs

Systems need simple high-performance Human Machine Interfaces that meet their users’ needs and preferences. The essential elements are data collection, visualization, and system communication. Each market, such as automotive and industrial has its own specific requirements.  

Our custom-designed HMIs embed advanced control technology that takes them a level above conventional displays. With 30 years of experience, we use our technology building blocks to create high-quality custom HMIs, which offer a cost-effective and fast time-to-marke solution to customers.  

The HMIs include interfaces, enclosures and software, and can communicate with PLCs and other controllers in the system. In-house design and validation through advanced manufacture help us to guarantee a 10+ year lifecycle.  

Custom control electronics, displays, and interfaces   

Interfaces include automotive CAN alongside industry-standard Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, and USB. There’s remote access, IoT connectivity including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and user authentication using RFID and NFC for service technicians and others.  

Factors like processing power, display size and resolution, form factor, brightness, touch screen (capacitive multi-touch), and custom logo printing can all be specified. In addition, our rugged custom enclosures have up to IP67 rating.  

Software with secure boot support 

A bootloader and a Linux Yocto-based Board Support Package have reliable and secure interface drivers. Customers can use them to quickly get up to speed with custom software applications by using a secure boot process and immediate access to the low-level hardware drivers.   


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Customized HMI Customized HMI

Best-fit solution with optimized design & cost-effectiveness

Standard Protocols Standard Protocols

Support Ethernet, CAN, LIN, RS232, RS485, USB, wireless connection, etc.

Ruggedized Design Ruggedized Design

Tailored enclosure up to IP67 suitable for automotive, industrial, and other application

Long Product Lifecycle Long Product Lifecycle

10+ years lifecycle guaranteed as we develop our solutions in-house from design, validation to production

We can deliver pre-programmed HMIs, including customers’ software applications already installed.  Custom HMIs are applicable for automotive, agriculture, medical, HVAC, and other industrial applications. Here are two examples we developed for customers:

A 12.1” industrial HMI is developed for one of our customers’ agricultural robot systems. It features color LCD with a hardened glass front panel and capacitive touch screen. The interfaces include CAN, Ethernet, and USB. The IP65 housing is robust in harsh conditions such as continuous exposure to ammonia.

Medical Display Panel
DSC00012 Bewerkt Bewerkt

This 12.1” high-performance HMI controller analyses and visualizes operating data from different customer systems to optimize system reliability and efficiency. It integrates high-performance microprocessor and various communication interfaces including Ethernet, AnyBus port, USB, and SD card. The color LCD touchscreen has a 1280x800 pixel resolution, a hardened glass front panel, and a capacitive touch screen.  



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