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Power Conversion Solutions

Prodrive Technologies offers a wide spectrum of solutions in power conversion. The capabilities required for custom and challenging designs, ranging from die-attach and magnetics to injection molding, are present in-house. This enables us to design and manufacture products optimized to your needs, e.g. if you require high availability / uptime in tough environments, high power densities in non-standard form factors, or very low noise and low drift levels. Of course, standard designs are available for a lot of applications as well.

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Robustness Robustness

Experienced with high availability / uptime requirements in tough environments.

Flexible Flexible

Our vertical integration allows in-house customisation, from die-attach to housing.

Compact Compact

High power density in your desired form factor.

High Performance High Performance

Extremely low noise and drift where needed.

Our experience in Power Conversion

First DSP controlled DCDC converter with IGBTs
Switched mode amplifier with analog accuracy
Regenerative 200 kWp bidirectional active rectifier
100kW mains interface unit based fully on PCB technology with ultra low EMI
SiC based battery backup converter
2kV/1kA gradient amplifier
20kW LDMOS based RF amplifier


LV DCDC converters
Commercial vehicles, whether long haul trucks or off-road vehicles like agricultural tractors or excavators, all have much higher requirements on e.g. lifetime and environmental resilience than Passenger vehicles. Yet, for the electrification of such commercial vehicles, few specifically designed products are to be found because the volumes do not yet merit this and also the voltage levels used differ from those used in the Passenger market.

To solve this catch-22 problem, Prodrive Technologies has developed an off-the-shelve and robust LV converter family that is scalable in output power from 500W to 3000W (in steps of 500W) and have been qualified for the various applications. Available variants are 12/48V, 24/48V, and 12/56V.