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Manufacturing Competences

Prodrive Technologies is not just a one-stop-shop for electronic, mechatronic and mechanical manufacturing; at least, that’s what our clients say, and our performance figures tell the same story. In fact, we’re one of the most reliable, productive and innovative producers on a global scale.  This is achieved through our somewhat unorthodox ‘vertically integrated’ way of working, a strong focus at the design stage on manufacturability, testing and costs, and continual optimization of our business processes. Above all, we give our customers, as standard, smarter solutions and an unparalleled degree of support. Highly competitive products are a good start, but at Prodrive Technologies we do a lot more.

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Added value services

Besides having the best manufacturing processes and facilities, we do a lot more to ensure a successful product. We take a customer-oriented approach, offering a transparent way of working, fast design optimizations, long life-cycle management, strong supply chain management, supported by a complete engineering and test facility at your disposal.

A competitive end solution of our customer starts at Prodrive Technologies, where our background knowledge of designing for manufacturing, test and design provides important contributions to the overall success of any product desired.

Customized production solution or complete custom production lines are frequently developed for our customers. Our standardized “building blocks” can be configured in such way that there is a perfect match with the customer needs for their product. Reliability and redundancy are guaranteed in our factory, where standardization and reuse are key elements.

Highly complex systems

In an MRI system the gradient amplifier is the most complex and advanced electronic part. It significantly contributes to the overall performance of the MRI system in terms of resolution, SNR and imaging speed.

The basic function of the gradient amplifier is to precisely follow and amplify the input signal with extreme accuracy and repeatability.

The gradient amplifier can be seen as a system on itself with many different functions integrated;

  • AC/DC conversion including Power Factor Correction
  • DC/DC converters
  • End-stages
  • Control module including high speed FPGA hardware for the control loop
  • Heat exchanger

The vertical integration at Prodrive Technologies is the key to producing the Next-generation gradient amplifiers with the highest quality, at competitive pricing. At our production sites, more than a 100.000 single components are merged together into a total of over 350 PCBA's, 150 cable assemblies and 200 mechanical parts, finally combined into one gradient amplifier.

The high power density of this gradient amplifier cabinet requires a state of the art cooling circuit. Because we want to control the quality of the thermal circuits, we manufacture all these parts in house; from cold plates and heatsinks, to fan units and water pipes. Nice to know: our cold plates are manufactured in such a way that we can cool power electronics on both sides, enabling high dense designs.

Integrating all these parts into one product is a complex operation. Making use of our in-house developed Manufacturing Execution Software, we are able to tackle this challenge, linking together all parts while keeping track of their status and ensuring all production steps and tests are performed in the correct order.

Producing all these subassemblies requires the most accurate planning and efficient logistics. Having all the different competences in-house, enables us not only to meet this challenging planning, but also to deliver this at the highest quality.

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