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Frame Grabber

Apollo series frame grabber

The Apollo series frame grabber card is a high-performance PCIe GEN3 frame grabber supporting the acquisition of images from 1 to 8 high-speed cameras through 8 lanes each operating at a speed of up to 25Gbps per channel.​

The frame grabber card supports two bi-directional QSFP28 modules to enable multi-lane optical transceivers.​ The onboard high-performance Xilinx Ultrascale FPGA can be utilized to offload computationally intensive algorithms from the host computer system.​ Moreover, the CLHS protocol is supported off-the-shelf, and support for CoaxPress-over-Fiber (8-lanes CXP-12) is available on request.​

A powerful card at a glance:

  • Supports the most advanced CLHS or CXP cameras the high bandwidth of the Apollo card allows the interfacing of multiple high-speed cameras
  • Offload the host computer by running custom image processing algorithms in the onboard FPGA
  • Never miss a frame through an extensive onboard buffer memory
  • Configure multi-camera applications through support for up to 8 high-speed CLHS cameras 
  • High reliable camera interfacing through the use of optical transceivers very high cable lengths between the camera and host computer are supported
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High bandwidth, up to 25Gbps/Lane
Supports up to 8 cameras
Supports for FPGA accelerated processing