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Equipment Development & Manufacturing Services

Turn-key equipment development & manufacturing services

Prodrive Technologies offers comprehensive solutions for cutting-edge equipment development, manufacturing, and lifecycle management within the semiconductor and life science industries.

We understand the urgency behind achieving a shorter time-to-market for new equipment. That's why our multidisciplinary team of highly educated engineers is dedicated to crafting high-tech equipment according to a swift and thorough project plan. With a focus on advanced automation, optics, electronics, and mechatronics, we drive innovation and efficiency in transferring equipment design from lab-to-fab.

Within our Integrated Systems product line, Prodrive Technologies specializes in the development of state-of-the-art semiconductor and life science equipment. Our commitment lies in pioneering next-generation equipment engineered for increased yield and enhanced throughput. Recognizing the paramount importance of throughput in semiconductor fabs and medical institutes, we align our solutions to benefit our valued customers.

We optimize throughput by deploying advanced methodologies, including digital twins, innovative material handling solutions, and simulating tools. Our expertise extends to developing inspection systems, precision positioning systems, and holistic system-level design, ensuring top-tier performance and reliability across the board.

At Prodrive Technologies, we are primed to collaborate with semiconductor and life science OEMs empowering you to meet the industry's demands with innovative solutions tailored to drive success in a rapidly evolving market.

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