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Prodrive Technologies has a commendable history of developing advanced imaging solutions for metrology applications in the semiconductor, flat panel display, and life science industries. In these fields, we excel by delivering an optimized combination of pixel resolution, speed, and sensitivity in all domains including multi-e-beam, DUV, visible light, X-ray, and Terahertz imaging.​

End-to-End proposition

We offer fully custom-developed imaging solutions for applications with very stringent requirements where off-the-shelf cameras fall short. It puts us in a unique position as an end-to-end imaging solutions provider that starts by creating an imaging sensor to offer an exceptional combination of pixel resolution, speed, and sensitivity; develops the camera to utilize this sensor and the image processing hardware to deliver the camera data in the computer’s memory for further processing. This approach helps our customers to excel in their next-generation system development.​

Domain knowledge

We focus on crafting tailored solutions, which entail collaboration with industry-leading experts. Architects with a background in (micro)-electronics, mechanics, and physics take on the challenge in close cooperation with customers to find the solution with the best technical fit. This collaborative approach ensures the identification of the optimal technical solution. Additionally, our manufacturing architects ensure that the product is primed for mass production with a typical longevity of more than 10 years.

Overcome challenges with us

The solutions we develop typically go far beyond the common approach of developing electronics from off-the-shelf components. Challenges that we master to help our customers come through:

  • Design and Integration of (large) custom sensors
  • Realization of high bandwidth electronics, typ. 50 – 480Gbps, within a mechanically constrained envelope
  • Integration of active and passive cooling requirements below 0°C
  • Compliancy with ultra-high vacuum, 1e-9 mbar and beyond
  • Integration of onboard processing to offload computational load from the host computer
  • Long lifetimes, typically 10+ years



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