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For over two decades Prodrive Technologies has been a research, development and production partner for the semiconductor and electronics equipment industry. Prodrive Technologies provides comprehensive solutions for computing, power conversion, motion & mechatronics, imaging & sensing systems and controls.

We understand what it takes to implement copy exact, change control and very long lifecycles. We meet high quality demands required for semiconductor availability targets and we comply with S2, S8, and F47.

We enable our customers to excel by providing innovative technology beyond the state-of-art at a short time-to-market.

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Noun Cycle 96515 Lifecycle Management

We have the processes in place to support 10+ years lifecycles

Noun Design 1682729 Technology

We realize short time to market by combining proven building blocks with cutting-edge new technology

Noun Quality 1646494 Quality

We understand that the incredible complexity of production equipment requires extremely high quality

Noun Info 1580327 Certification

We comply with the SEMI standards such as S2, S8, and F47

Our Products and Technologies in Semiconductor Market

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Lithography is a process used in microfabrication to pattern parts on a thin film or the bulk of a substrate by light projection on a photoresist. It is the most critical process in semiconductor manufacturing and requires extreme precision.

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