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Mechatronic Systems

Highly integrated mechatronic solutions

We bring together the synergies of mechanics, electronics, and computing principles to craft cost-effective, and dependable mechatronic solutions that seamlessly integrate into the equipment of OEMs across the electronics manufacturing, semiconductor, and life science sectors. Our specialties excel when there is a need for tailor-made actuators with small form factors, high speed, and high precision - such as placement heads accurately positioning 50+ components per second. This enables our customers to make the next leap in their individual industries.

In the realm of mechatronic systems, pushing the boundaries of form (dimensions, weight, and size) often comes at the expense of functionality (accuracy and throughput) when relying on standard, bulky actuators, encoders, and controllers. At our core, we tackle this challenge by providing custom-integrated components. By doing so, we ensure the form, fit, functionality, and cost demand can be met. This achievement is driven by our expertise and experience in developing and manufacturing custom PCB encoders, PCB motors, voice coil actuators, linear motors, and integrated controllers. These capabilities empower us to deliver unique and competitively-priced solutions.

Through collaboration with our customers, we have crafted an extensive legacy in the realm of highly integrated mechatronic solutions. Our proven expertise lies in diverse domains, from precision placement heads for surface mount technology to seamlessly integrated Z-focus actuators tailored for microscopy applications, as well as custom motion platforms. This journey unfolds from initial concepts to detailed design phases, followed by rigorous qualification processes, and culminating in the creation of an industrialized series product that stands fully aligned with industry standards and norms.

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