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Scalable bulk rectifier for green hydrogen production

Working together with trusted partners, we developed the Hydra rectifier, featuring our own unique power converter technology. This provides an efficient and scalable solution for electrolyzer manufacturers that is easily integrated and can be scaled up as a repeatable unit up to GW-scale capacity.

Uniquely, the rectifier design has been optimized in entirety for the electrolysis of water using proven Prodrive Technologies power modules.

Silicon Carbide-based converters improve efficiency, as well as AC and DC current quality, without the need for external filters. The input can be connected to any medium-voltage AC grid. The output supplies the DC voltage and current that the OEM or stack builder requires for their specific stack design. The Hydra is designed to inherently comply with grid codes, so external filters and compensation banks for incoming current are not needed.

The Hydra rectifier racks can be integrated into a containerized solution or on a skid, depending on customer requirements. The solution includes its own standalone liquid cooling system. The integrated solution is designed to maximize uptime by minimizing maintenance. This allows green power to be utilized 24/7,whenever it is available and reducing ongoing costs compared to air-cooled solutions.

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Hydra 600 04
Supports industrial end-users to meet emissions targets
Scalable high switching frequency Silicon-Carbide based solution
High power density with a small footprint
A cost-attractive and secure investment


Blue Connectivity Network

Scalable to requirements

Scale the solution in line with your specific demands by installing parallel racks within the container or on-skid, or additional containers as required.

Blue Tekengebied 146 2

Control interfacing and diagnostics

Remote accessible control and diagnostics of the rectifier, including maintenance prediction.


Flexible installation

The skid-based or containerized solution for indoor or outdoor installation is possible.


Electrical AC performance


AC voltage MV        
Power factor         
Current THD          

Any Local MV voltage level
 min:50Hz - max:60Hz
>0.99 at full load (>0.96 from 20% load)

Electrical DC performance


DC voltage             
DC current           
DC ripple   

max 1500Vdc
max 12000Adc



Transformer type
Design directive
Power rating

(mineral) Oil-immersed
Indoor & Outdoor suitable
According to eco-design European Directives
Configuration specific
1 primary, 1 secondary

Grid to stack efficiency


Peak efficiency      
Efficiency at max load           

98.4% (@1200Vdc)
97.8% (@1200Vdc)



Cooling system      
Shell type               
DC connection interface       

Chiller-less liquid cooling
Cargo container or skid
Standard 20ft container
3.62m with roof cooling unit
Busbar with screw interface



Ambient temperature range
Max relative humidity           

min:-25C max:45C
max 2000m