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Scalable bulk rectifier for electrolysers

Utilizing SiC-based MOSFET technology and liquid cooling, the system boasts high power density suitable for a broad range of operating points. Its wide voltage range facilitates smooth integration of future stack upgrades, potentially at higher DC voltages, without additional investments in power electronics or auxiliary filtering systems. Moreover, it no longer requires auxiliary systems such as external filters and statcoms.

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5 Rack Hydra
Supports industrial end-users to meet emissions targets
Scalable high switching frequency Silicon-Carbide based solution
High power density with a small footprint
A cost-attractive and secure investment

The proprietary SiC-based MOSFET technology used in the Hydra system converters enhances efficiency and improves both AC and DC current quality, eliminating the need for external filters. This results in the exceptional EURO efficiency* of 98.6%, including losses in auxiliaries. With the capability to operate at less than 3% THD alongside a power factor exceeding 0.99, the Hydra rack seamlessly integrates into the largest projects (GW+ scale) without adversely affecting regional HV/MV grid operation. While the default setting aligns the grid with a power factor of over 0.99, the Hydra can actively lead or lag the grid to provide reactive power service. Its small footprint reduces transportation and commissioning expenses, and its modular design and easily replicable HyPE modules maximize availability. Internal measurements and diagnostics enable predictions regarding the lifetime or maintenance.

The Hydra rack integrates directly into the hydrogen system, simplifying the supply chain by enabling the use of a standard distribution transformer instead of custom 12/24-pulse transformers with extended lead times.


*Note: EURO efficiency represents the weighted average of the converter efficiency across the power output range. The modular design allows for adjustable rack sizes, which can be cascaded to meet varying power requirements.


Blue Connectivity Network

Scalable to requirements

Scale the solution in line with your specific demands by installing parallel racks within the container or on-skid, or additional containers as required.

Blue Tekengebied 146 2

Control interfacing and diagnostics

Remote accessible control and diagnostics of the rectifier, including maintenance prediction.

Flexibility (1)

Flexible installation

The skid-based or containerized solution for indoor or outdoor installation is possible.


Electrical AC performance


Power factor 

Power factor range

Current THD

EMC filter

External harmonic filter

PF compensation bank


0.8-1 leading/lagging supported for grid stabilization

< 3%

included (CISPR11)

not required

not required

Electrical DC performance


Max. output power

DC voltage            

DC current

DC ripple   

EMC filter


0 - 1500Vdc

0 - 2000Adc (combined)

< 1% RMS

included (CISPR11)



Transformer type

standard delta-wye distribution transformer



Dimensions (W x D x H)

Max. weight      

Cooling system

1200 x 680 x 2160 mm (incl. controller)

1200 kg

liquid cooling

System efficiency


Peak efficiency (at 1200Vdc)

Euro efficiency* (at 1200Vdc)

98.7% (incl. losses in auxiliaries)

98.6% (incl. losses in auxiliaries)

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