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Telematics Gateways

Modular gateways bring 4G LTE links, with 5G coming soon

CAN, LIN, and Ethernet buses connect our gateways to your vehicles and equipment. 4G LTE cellular links connect them to your company networks, with 5G available soon. There are local Wi-Fi and IoT connections, too. Automotive-grade specs ensure reliable operation in harsh environments, with comprehensive application software for advanced monitoring and maintenance.

The automotive-grade design of our telematics gateways uses existing well-tested building blocks. This ensures fast time-to-market and minimizes the costs to make integrated telemetry affordable in many more applications.

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Global Coverage Global Coverage

5G Machine-Type-Communication

Easy Integration Easy Integration

Internal antennas, one-bolt mounting and standard APIs

Ruggedized Ruggedized

IP69K enclosure

Security Security

Communication Security and Data Storage Encryption

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High-quality, long-life (10+ years) circuit modules combine rock-steady vehicle communications with the latest cellular links for even the harshest environments. With up to IP69K rating, the telematics gateways are fully tested for shocks, vibrations, extreme temperatures and temperature variations, salt fog, UV, dust, and chemicals.

The ruggedized, waterproof enclosure is small and can fit on a cab top. There’s an internal antenna and a one-bolt mounting mechanism for easy system integration.

Telematics is transforming industries
Telematics systems are essential to the digital transformation of construction, transport, marine, mining, agriculture, engineering, and other industries. The gateways can improve safety and security in trucks, buses, trailers, forklift trucks, construction machinery, tractors and agriculture machinery, and more.

The Prodrive telematics gateways for example form the hardware basis of the Jungheinrich Fleet Management System (FMS), one of the world’s leading forklift fleet management systems. It increases fleet utilization, reduces operating costs, and increases safety for people and equipment in the warehouse.

Comprehensive software customizable by end-users
The Bootloader and BSP are in-house developed and maintained to guarantee product effectiveness and efficient performance usage for example by running the Prodrive Technologies File System (PTFS). The interface is fully customizable which allows customers to develop their own application software.

The software keeps users informed of machine conditions with the features of advanced monitoring and predictive maintenance. Monitoring wear and tear on key components helps to automate maintenance procedures and reporting, which greatly reduces unforeseen breakdowns. Many more functions can be implemented via over-the-air software updates.


Use Cases

Telematics gateways enable numerous use cases to optimize overall system efficiency and processes.


Positioning, Geofencing, Tracking, Route Optimization Positioning, Geofencing, Tracking, Route Optimization
Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Fault reports Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Fault reports
Condition Monitoring Condition Monitoring
Over-The-Air software update Over-The-Air software update
Vehicle Utilization Tracking Vehicle Utilization Tracking