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Prodrive Technologies specializes in creating meaningful and turnkey healthcare solutions tailored to the needs of the medical and life sciences industries.

Leveraging our expertise across multiple markets, we excel in delivering cutting-edge solutions. Our architects analyze application requirements and propose the most suitable off-the-shelf products or adeptly repurpose technologies developed for various industries, ensuring both efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This approach allows us to offer competitive pricing without compromising quality for both small- and large-scale projects. Furthermore, our vertical integration strategy ensures superior quality throughout the manufacturing process, driving the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Our solutions range from standalone products to complex infrastructure, all fully integrated and tailored to meet the unique demands of the medical and life science applications. Leveraging strategic partnerships in the medical ecosystem, we provide turn-key systems comprising mechatronics, power electronics, imaging, computing, and software.

Operated under the ISO13485 standard for Quality Management Systems and certified according to standards such as 60601-1 and IEC 62304, our solutions are designed specifically to meet the highest industry standards. Contact us to learn more information.

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Embedded Computing Systems Long Lifecycle Long Lifecycle

Our products are designed and manufactured to match the medical market requirements like product lifecycles of 10 years +

Medical ISO Certified ISO 13485 Certified

Our global design and manufacturing facilities are certified against ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management Systems

Medical One Stop Shop One-Stop-Shop

At Prodrive Technologies, we support our customers with integral solutions combining technology blocks and take responsibility as a total solution provider, no matter how complex.

Medical Cost & Performance Cost & Performance

Prodrive excels in performance by adapting latest technology that contribute largely to performance, quality and cost down. 

Added value solutions to help your healthcare industry application excel


The global medical technology market is set to reach revenue of over $768 billion by 2030. This is largely driven by an aging world population, the prevalence of infectious and chronic diseases, technological innovation, and the expanding healthcare insurance sector, which is providing more access to new diagnostic and treatment technologies. Simultaneously, cost pressure scenarios are daily news, accelerating the need for cost-effective future-proof solutions.

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High-density AI platform for healthcare and life sciences


Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the medical industry and life sciences, driving progress in medical imaging, patient monitoring, disease diagnosis, drug discovery, genome sequencing, and beyond. It is streamlining processes, cutting down on costly simulations, and boosting the efficiency of skilled professionals. Yet, they require substantial hardware resources.

Check here to see how Prodrive Technologies’ scalable Zeus rack server brings great inferencing performance with 5th Gen Intel® Xeon Scalable processor to help you meet the demands.

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Our Products and Technologies in Medical Market

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Computed Tomography

Computed Tomography Scanners are one of the most used medical imaging systems. It gathers continuous data with no gaps between images. These result in high number of datasets that are being acquired and need to be reconstructed. Our high performing Computing portfolio can fulfill todays needs, is future proof and contribute to an improved TCO.

Zeus Xeon Scalable Series

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Our experience in the Medical market

Entering the medical market in X-ray image processing technology
Uncompressed Video streaming technology launched
Expansion to Magnetic Resonance imaging modality with complex A/D Conversion
Entering Medical market with competitive gradient power amplifier for mainstream MRI systems
Launch of low-cost motion drive for Interventional Radiology application
Addition of RF Power and shim amplifiers to portfolio for mainstream MRI systems
Launch of most powerful off-the-shelf available Gradient Amplifier, NG2250-XP


Medical Audio-Video Distribution
Hybrid operating rooms (ORs) have many sources of imagery and footage, such as images from various imaging modalities (CT, MR, digital X-ray) and livestreams (endoscopes, interventional X-ray). This information is generated in various physical locations and needs to be available on displays for medical personnel in various screens in the OR.

Our audio-video distribution (AVIDIS) systems connects these many sources and sinks without the need to have computers at each of these locations. Using a proprietary protocol, we transmit up to 4K video lossless from any source to any sink. Our software adds functionality such as cropping, scaling, and overlaying.

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