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Embedded Computing Systems

Our computing systems are connected to the machines, tools, and devices of our customers. They make their systems ‘tick’ by performing high-end workloads such as image processing and motion control. We are a systems provider – we thrive when challenged by our customers to define just that system that is the most efficient solution for their application.

We design and manufacture our systems ourselves down to the motherboard level and low-level software to make sure that we can guarantee long lifecycles and seamless interoperability of all system elements as well as perfect integration with the systems of our customers.

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Long Lifecycle Long Lifecycle

Availability of our products extends to 10 years and beyond

Reliable Reliable

We design, qualify, manufacture, and test for the high reliability required for embedded systems

Certified Certified

Our products are certified for semiconductor, medical and industrial markets around the globe

Customizable Customizable

Our products can be customized for a perfect match with your application

Our experience in Embedded Computing Systems

Prodrive Technologies was founded
Motion control boards VME, DSP, PowerPC, ATCA
Video processing servers Intel CPU, FPGA
Data & control servers Intel CPU, HW RAID control
Industrial PCs Intel CPU
High performance cabinets Intel servers, storage servers


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Semiconductor Image Processing

Manufacturing semiconductors is an advanced and highly complex process. Process yield is an extremely important parameter. Inspecting wafers each critical step in the production process is key for yield management.

Inspection and metrology tools used in quality assurance in the semiconductor industry produce vast amounts of raw data. Our product portfolio comprises exactly those products that enable fast data acquisition, efficient image processing, and high-throughput storage. We offer various options to process AI-based algorithms in this high-bandwidth, high-throughput pipeline.

Read the solution brief regarding the 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable processors here.

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